AirSplat Top Tech Airsoft Service!

AirSplat Top Tech Airsoft Services! is proud to offer the services of our Certified Technicians for all of your airsoft repair needs. Our technicians have decades of combined experience across every brand and manufacturer in the airsoft industry. Great news is that we fix any gun, regardless of where you bought it!

Areas of Expertise:
  • Systema PTW (Systema Certified!)
  • Celcius (Celcius Certified)
  • G&G Sportline AND Top Tech
  • KWA & KSC
  • And Many More!
Leading Industry Airsoft Techs!
As the first airsoft retailer in the industry, we know airsoft guns - in and out! We don't just fix your gun and send it back to you. We treat each airsoft gun as if it is one of our very own. From ther very beginning AirSplat airsoft guns are covered with our AirSplat 15/+60 Repair & Warranty, and our Tune Up Guarantee! But we realize that not everyone purchases their airsoft guns from AirSplat (even though you really should!) - we offer our Top Tech Repair Services!

We service all types of airsoft guns, including;
  • Mid / High Level AEGS (Celcius & Systema Certified!)
  • Entry Level AEGS
  • Gas Pistols
  • Gas Rifles
  • Spring Pistols & Rifles
  • Anything & Everything

Types of Tune-Ups, Upgrades, Services
  • Bucking Replacement
  • Sorbo Pad Installation
  • Barrel Upgrades & Replacements
  • Spring Upgrades & Downgrades
  • Installation of new parts (FREE Upgrade with minimun purchase)
  • Cleaning, Re-Greasing, Wiring, Re-Shimming
  • Hop Up Adjustments

AirSplat's Professional Technician Repair Service is available at a flat rate per-job fee, NOT an hourly charge. This means you will never experience inflated charges for if your gun takes a bit longer to repair.

Fee Breakdown:

  • Spring Powered Pistols, Shotguns, or Rifles = $30 (Buy Now!)
  • Gas Powered Pistols, Shotguns, or Rifles = $40 (Buy Now!)
  • Electric Powered Rifles and PTWs = $50 (Buy Now!)

$30 Spring Repair

$40 Gas Repair

$50 AEG/PTW Repair
To repair your gun:
  1. Place your order with the Repair Service applicable to your gun.
  2. Email with you order number.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email from Technical Support with the details on how to send your item(s) for the repair service to be performed.