daniel wolf - AirSplat Team Player
Daniel "WOLF"

I have been playing airsoft now for 13 years. First gun was a Classic Army Armalite M15A4, which was the first Legit AEG ever, priced at $400.00 at that time. I got into airsoft with some buddies from school because paintball just cost too much and looked nothing like the real thing. Our games would normally consist of 15-30 players at a time and we all dug into the earth for hours and hours to create our own playgrounds. This continued on to this very day. We all still play together at the same field we built up 13 years later. My favorite thing about airsoft is the game and players. I love being able to shoot people and not having to go to jail for doing so. Haha but really, the game is awesome. It's great practice to all who own real steel weapons and there is no better training than fighting with another human being. The people in this sport are amazing! There has not been a single day where I haven't met someone who was happy, ready to shoot it out, and have a good time. This game with these people is like a huge family where all we like to do is shoot, eat, laugh, and shoot again! 
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PolarStar M4

- G&P Receivers
TAG MK18 LMT Stock
MadBull Noveske NSR 13.5"
AMP Special Forces Red/Green Sight
UTG LED Flashlight w/ Mount 338
TAG STRC Magwell Grip

WE G18C, S-Thunder M203 Pistol, AI Tornado Impact Grenades

- Polished Upper
DeepFire Piston Head for Marui
AS Tactical 98mm Inner Barrel
4x G18 Standard Mags
2x G18 Extended Mags
- Rizzo's Kydex Holster
ASG 40mm 65 Round Grenade

Lancer Tactical Assault Carrier
AOR1 FLYYE Hydration Pack
AOR1 FLYYE Double M4/M16 Mag Pouch
AOR1 FLYYE Admin Panel
Tan Single Point Bungee Sling
Tan Condor M4 Mag Stacker
Condor Pistol Pouch
- Rizzo's Kydex Banger Holsters
- Rizzo's M203 Pistol Kydex Holster
OD CQB Duty Belt
- HSGI ATACS Shoulder Pads

Front man, quick-paced and fast moving, accurate, silent and deadly. Favorite move: 203 pistol shower, follow-up, and finish off the rest with the pistol!
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