AirSplat SoCal Airsoft Social

Meet & Greet Local Airsoft Teams & Socal Airsoft Social!
Southern California is the epicenter of airsoft and airsoft culture. The biggest and baddest airsoft teams reside and sling plastic here. AirSplat recoginizes all these teams and players. This is why we started the SoCal Airsoft Social! (or The Society)
Upcoming Events
SAS plays pn a regular basis and you can catch any one of these teams at a local field. Socal Airsoft Social Events are put on by teams. Here are some events that you can catch all these teams!

AirSplat Swap Meet & Greet / Social Private Game- August 2nd - AirSplat / Tac City HQ
The Society will be playing a private game at Tac City Irwindale before the AirSplat Swap Meet.

For more information about invites, news, meetups - please contact