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Ep 0: Introduction of Jake D, ex-military weapons specialist
Ep: 1 ICS 551 & 552 Airsoft Gun Electric Rifle AEG Electric Blowback Guns
Ep: 2 ICS Galil Airsoft Rifle 92 / 91 AEG Automatic Electric Blowback Rifle Gun
Ep: 3 Kong Power LiPo Battery, Charger, & Balancer High Performance Batteries
Ep: 4 Co-host Selection Part 1/3 Vote Here!
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Ep: 5 Co-host Selection Part 2/3 Vote Here!
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Ep: 6 Co-host Selection Part 3/3 Vote Here!
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Ep: 7 A&K M60 MK43 Airsoft Rifle AEG Automatic Electric Support Gun
Ep: 8 Airsoft 3 Tactical Vests! Comparisons
Choose the right vest for the job!
Ep: 9 KWA MP7 Gas Blowback vs Well R4 MP7 AEG Electric Airsoft Gun
Ep: 10 WELL G96 AWM Gas Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle Sharp Shooter Gun
Ep: 11 KWA USP KP45 Gas Blowback vs KJW USP Airsoft Gas Blowback Gun
Ep: 12 ICS L86 LSW Light Support Weapon Airsoft Rifle AEG Gun
Ep: 13 CYMA MP5 MC51 Electric Blowback Airsoft AEG Gun
Ep: 14 Preview G&G G96 Gas Bolt Action Sniper Airsoft Rifle Sniper Gun
Ep: 15 JG G36 G608-6 AEG / G608-8 Electric Airsoft Rifle G36 Variants
Ep: 16 Well L96 MB01 Spring Sniper Rifle / MB02 VSR-10 Sniper Spring Rifle
Ep: 17 DE M56 Tri-Shot Airsoft Pump Action Spring Shotgun Rifle
Ep: 18 ICS MP5 A4 Sport Electric Gun / ICS MP5 SD5 Electric Submachine Gun AEG
Ep: 19 JLS S-M8 XM8 Spring Airsoft Rifle Modular configuration Black / Tan
Ep: 20 WE 1911 MEU Gas Blowback Pistol / Silver Airsoft Gas Blowback Gun
Ep: 21 CELCIUS M4 CTW Celcius Training Weapon AEG Airsoft Rifle
Ep: 22 Clasic Army Electric P90 AEG & JG P90 AEG Submachine Gun Electric Rifles
Ep: 23 A&K & JG SR-25 Airsoft Sniper SPR AEG Rifles DMR Electric Rifles
Ep: 24 Magpul PTS M4 AEG Automatic Electric Gun Rifles CQB-R AEG Guns
Ep: 25 WE M9 Gas BlowBack Airsoft Semi-Automatic Gas Pistols
Ep: 26 ICS M4 RIS Sport Automatic Airsoft Electric Gun Rifle AEG
Ep: 27 GHK AK74un / AK105 GBB Gas Blowback Rifle Guns AK47
Ep: 28 King Arms SIG 556 Airsoft AEG Electric Blowback Rifle BLK / TAN
Ep: 29 Classic Army LWRC M6A2 Airsoft AEG M4 AR Rifle Black / Bronze
Ep: 30 KWA KM4S M4 SIR Electric Airsoft Gun AEG CQB Rifle w/Rail System
Ep: 31 WE 1911 Tactical Gas Blowback Gun Desert / 4.3 GBB Pistol
Ep: 32 G&G M4 GR15 RAIDER Airsoft AEG Rifle Blowback Gun / TAN
Ep: 33 Classic Army M14 Scout & G&G M14 Airsoft Electric AEG
Ep: 34 WE Tech SCAR-L Gas Blowback Battle Rifle BLACK / TAN
Ep: 35 Classic Army Armalite SA58 Airsoft Gun Electric Rifle AEG
Ep: 36 KJW Hi Capa Airsoft Gas Blowback Gun Pistol KP-06 Race Ready Gas Pistol
Ep: 37 Deep Fire M4 7" CQB Airsoft Gun AEG Automatic Electric Gun
Ep: 38 WE KAC PDW Airsoft Gas Blowback CQB Knights Armament Rifle / TAN GBB

Ep: 39 WELL MB07 Airsoft Spring Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Sharpshooter Gun

Ep: 40 Olympic Arms ICS M4 CQB Airsoft Electric Gun AEG Short Barreled Rifle

Ep: 41 Thompson Tommy Airsoft Electric AEG Machine Gun Chicago Typewriter

Ep: 42 KWA KM4 SR5 AEG Eletric Gun / SR10 AEG Airsoft Electric Rifle
Ep: 43 Ares HK G36K Airsoft Blowback AEG Rifle Electric Blowback Gun
Ep: 44 G&G Combat Machines M4 Airsoft Rifle AEG / Tan AEG Electric Rifle
Ep: 45 Boyi DBoys AK74 Airsoft AEG RK06 & RK03 AK-74 Variant Rifles
Ep: 46 G&G Combat Machine AK47 Airsoft AEG Gun Rifle Nylon Fiber Body
Ep: 47 Ares MK-43 M60 Airsoft AEG Machine Gun Airsoft Light Support Weapon
Ep: 48 SoftAir Sig Sauer P226 & P229 Gas Blowback Pistol Full Trademarks
Ep: 49 Classic Army CA25 SR-25 URX Airsoft AEG CQB Rifle DMR Rifle

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