AirsoftPress Parental AEG Upgrade Manual

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Airsoft Press Parental AEG Upgrade Manual
- Thorough Indepth Review on Airsoft AEG Rifle Upgrades
- Step by Step Illustrated directions and tutorials
- Focus on reliability, durability, high accuracy and safety
- Include a special section on safe airsoft AEG power downgrae
- Ideal for daddies who want to plan and supervise their kids' airsoft projects
- Contains over 130 Pages of Illustrations and Guides
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Table of Contents



  • Tools you’re going to need
  • Proper handling of the screws
  • The proper ways of taking things apart and putting them back together  
  • TM AEG: a baseline for measurement
  • ACX versus Cybergun
  • ICS versus AE
  • SRC Guns
  • ACM Guns
  • What is proper usage?


  • What are the key elements of a high FPS setup?
  • Version 2 mechbox versus Version 3 mechbox: any difference in stock performance?
  • TM metal mechbox versus Cybergun plastic mechbox?
  • Are CA/ICS guns crappy for upgrade?
  • FPS increase in meter readings VS performance increase in a practical sense: the law of diminishing marginal gain in performance.
  • 0.20g BBs versus 0.25g BBs versus 0.30g BBs: the heavier the better?
  • Does FPS always go hand in hand with Joule?
  • What is the difference between the FPS system and the Joule system?
  • How do you use FPS to measure Joule?
  • How do you use FPS to give an estimate of the range?
  • Higher FPS = lower ROF?
  • Softer spring = Higher ROF?
  • Harder spring = Lower ROF?
  • Is 8.4V insufficient for an upgraded mechbox?
  • Does battery size matter?
  • Is battery power important for semi-auto firing?
  • Is EG560 too weak and fragile to power an upgraded mechbox?
  • Can I use EG560 on my MP5?
  • Why (and why not) should I buy the high torque gear set?
  • Why (and why not) should I use helical gears?
  • Why (and why not) should I keep the stock plastic bushings?
  • Why (and why not) should I replace the stock plastic bushings with metal bushings?
  • What is an easy way to (more accurately) shim?
  • How do I tell if shimming has been done correctly?
  • Anything special about shimming the AR-15 mechbox?
  • What is the recommended order of gear insertion?
  • Longer spring versus shorter spring: the longer the better?
  • What are the major parameters of a spring?
  • Is a harder spring more harmful for the internals?
  • Installing a long spring: tricks and potential danger.
  • Installing a short spring: tricks and potential danger.
  • Why (and why not) should the spring be ground?
  • How to facilitate spring spinning?
  • What is a variable pitch spring? Is it always better for AEG?
  • Use of spacers for spring compression: tricks and potential danger.
  • What is wrong with a custom made spring?
  • Systema Springs versus PDI Springs
  • Can stainless steel spring offer better FPS?
  • Can Telfon Coated spring offer better FPS?
  • The long variable-pitch spring is very difficult to install. What should I do?
  • What can I do to reduce stress on the gears?
  • Can an EG1000 increase FPS (through higher torgue) over an EG700?
  • Why (and why not) should I use a Bore-Up Cylinder?
  • Why should I replace the stoc
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