Forum for discussion of airsoft and airsoft events in Alabama, the Region, and the World
Alaska The Kenai Peninsula Airsoft Association is a group of individuals passionate about the sport of airsoft and dedicated to expanding the sport. Our aim is to promote airsoft as a fun and safe sport on the Kenai Peninsula and provide new players with guidance to become well rounded participants in airsoft. In addition the Kenai Peninsula Airsoft Association is proud to uphold four key virtues in airsoft: play with honor, work as a team, be safe, and have fun.
  Airsoft alaska is the oldest organized group of airsoft players
in the state of alaska. we are now comprised of several Team and groups that meet, communicate and play under the airsoft alaska banner.
The place for airsoft players in NW Arkansas, SW Missouri, & NE Oklahoma.
  Dedicated to promoting Airsoft throughout Arizona
  We are a group of individuals who enjoy the sport of Airsoft through military simulation. Our base of operation is located in Tucson Arizona but do have members throughout our great state of Arizona. AMSOG uses real world tactics and training.
  We are a group of individuals who enjoy the sport of Airsoft through military simulation. Our base of operation is located in Tucson Arizona but do have members throughout our great state of Arizona.
  Team of 12 Players with bi-weekly games. Looking for dedicated airsofters and newcomers to join the team
Arkansas This is "The" place for Airsoft Operators and Players alike to come together in Arkansas and the surrounding states. We promote the use of Military Simulation Tactics, Equipment and Uniforms in a safe and structured game environment, while having FUN in doing so.
California Slender Airsoft is a small SoCal airsoft team based out of Orange County, California. Speedsoft is their main style of play–keep moving forward and "Don't Look Back."
  Tomorrow's generation will never know the sacrifices. Remember always- teach it to your children, never forget, your friends, brothers, those that come before, and those that serve on--Semper Fi!
  We are a Santa Cruz area based team that is dedicated to having fun and growing the sport of airsoft. We have weekly games as well as midweek training sessions in the spring and summer.
  Poppy portrays the men of 3d Force Recon in Vietnam. We participate in airsoft and blank-fire reenactments, at parades, as movie-extras, and more. The team meets once a month for target shooting and field training. We're currently looking for dedicated members.  
  Currently, we have about 15 active members, and several on probation. We focus our playing style on a milsim mind-set, and are always on the look out for like minded players. As our Team continues to grow, were are looking into establish a junior division.
  An Airsoft Team based in California.
  Formed in 2002, Hatchet Force is much like it’s original counterpart. We chose the name because it was never really an official U.S. Military unit, but mainly operators from varying backgrounds who would put together, train, and lead combat Team.
  An Airsoft Team based in California.
  Welcome to the official web site of The Razorback Airsoft Assualt Division. Throughout this web site you will find useful information ranging from SoCal Airsoft Rules to videos, a photo gallery, where to skirmish, and a great articals section.
  An Airsoft Team based in California.
  A Mil Sim Tactica Team based in California.
  Contact point for Airsoft in the Sierra Nevada
  An Airsoft Team based in California.
  Events at Mr. Paintball - Escondido Ca
  We play airsoft throughout Northern California and beyond.
Based primarily out of the San Francisco Bay Area, we often frequent Modesto Airsoft, Sequoia Airsoft, and other Bay Area locations.
  Bay Area & Central Valley California Airsoft Mil-Sim  Battle Reenactment Group. Specializing in Vietnam era and Modern conflict impressions.
  We are a group of airsofters located north of California Bay Area , mostly from San Jose. We are not a Competitive Group, therefore we do not accept any challenges, or any kind of 'Team Battle'.
  An Airsoft Team based in California.
  Our goal is the unification of all the Bay Area's airsoft Team while increasing public awareness of our sport.
  The Cimmerians is a non-profit group organized for the purpose of performing Mil-Sim [Military Simulatoin - realistic historical combat re-enactment], and educating the public about military history using Airsoft field equipment. 
  Combat Enterprises is an airsoft scenario game production company. Our products include the finest airsoft scenario events, public Fields, and exciting videos.
  The COASG is a statewide organization dedicated to the furthering and bettering of the sport of Airsoft in Colorado.  The COASG host regular games that range from small pickup games, to large operations, to re-enactments, and even competitions.
  DIAMOND CORPS focus is on the promotion and enjoyment of Airsoft. We are interested in tactical unity, and Teamwork.
  A regional site with a schedule of mountain & valley airsoft events, plus a Forum
  An Airsoft Team based in California.
  Giant Airsoft is a hub for 6 of the top outdoor airsoft Fields in Southern California. Location in Los Angeles, Chino, Brona, Victoriaville, Costa Masa and Sandiego.
  An Airsoft Team based in California.
  Formed in 2002, Hatchet Force is much like it’s original counterpart. We chose the name because it was never really an official U.S. Military unit, but mainly operators from varying backgrounds who would put together, train, and lead combat Team.
  An Airsoft Team based in California.
  An Airsoft Team based in California.
  Airsoft Allied Strike Force will never claim to be the best, will always play with respect, and most of all, will host scenarios that everyone will enjoy.
We play with our motto always in mind, “Honor, Discipline, Integrity & Respect”.
Good Gaming!
  Last Stand formed in 2005 by a group of guys who frequented J&T Military Surplus in Riverside. From there we slowly added members who fit in with our group of friends. We are a group of friends who met playing airsoft.
  An Airsoft Team based in California.
  Sacramento Airsoft is a loose-knit group of players who get together & play often
  Southern California Airsoft Leagues
  The Team was founded in Fresno, CA in 2003. Since then, the Team has continuously reinvented itself to perform above the level set by other top-rank Team. Our goal is to raise the standards by which Tactical Team operate.
  An Airsoft Team based in California.
  Bakersfield, CA - We are a young group who plays on a weekly basis. We are committed to giving our all in the game but our overall goal is to enjoy the sport
An Airsoft Team based in Canada.
  We are a non profit club, and any money we do generate threw events and large game days goes back into the Field we play on.
Colorado he Rocky Mountain Regions premiere airsoft game and event hosting company.
  Homepage for the Denver-based Code Red Airsoft Team.
  USA Airsoft was formed in 2007 by Casey Meraz, Robert Daihl, and Tom Allred as a 501c-3- pending charitable organization.
  Welcome to the Tactical Assault Clan [TAC] website. We are an airsoft team based in Colorado Springs, CO. We are a very active team and practice almost daily.
Filforce is one of the biggest teams in the northeast United States with more than 150 members in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Hampshire and Virginia. While its membership base is predominantly Filipino and Filipino-American, Filforce also boasts of members who are of Chinese, Nigerian and Korean descent.
Black Cobra Airsoft was created by a few friends with a dream to have a successful airsoft Team, they didn't expect to create one of the most dominant Team in central/southern Florida. The Black Cobras consist of six guys who have played together for five years.
  An Airsoft Team based in Florida.
  An Airsoft Team based in Florida.
  Florida Airsoft (FA) began as a small, dedicated group of simulation gaming enthusiasts, which participate in military simulation gaming.
  Regional hub for dedicated simulation gaming enthusiasts.  The members of Florida Airsoft participate and share information here about games and events that center on providing a fun and realistic experience, all the while paying close attention to safety.
  An Airsoft Team based in Florida.
  We are a community of airsofters who live and play  Southern Florida. We accept all ages into the League, unlike most others, as long as the members are mature and serious about the sport.
  Group of outgoing loyal to the cause people over 18 years old. We are out to have fun with honesty and the thirst for blood. Looking for new members with the same interest. There is a Tactical Dress code. Guns are available.
  We are a bunch of youngsters looking for some realistic fun.
Im Am SSGT.Bryan Adams aka “Bloody Fox.”
our Team is split into 2 Fire Team, Alpha and Bravo.
Both Team are full, But we are open to new Recruits and people every Day.
  SEM is a tightly knit group of friends who enjoy the Military Simulation and Teamwork that is incorporated into Airsoft in general.
  We are an elite airsoft Team, located in North Central Florida.
Team Blackjack is an airsoft Team, operating out of the Atlanta, Georgia area.   We do have members hailing from nearly all of the states surrounding Georgia however. 
  U.I.S. is made up of airsoft hobbyists in the C.S.R.A. Most players are firmiliar with military tactics and weapons. The players meet on average every other weekend to play and discuss airsoft
  Middle Georgia Airsoft or MGA for short was founded by David Plunk in early January 2006. The original members of MGA have been playing airsoft way before the Team ever came to.
  If you are looking for some challenging woodland airsoft action this is the place to get it! Come play at the Team Mantis field in Dahlonega,GA - established January 2010.
An Airsoft Team based in Idaho.
We have +6 years of airsofting experience with physically and mentally fit members 2 are in Varsity Football and 1 in Varsity Vollyball-. We have very good airsoft guns pretty much Echo 1 and UTG-for the tournaments in our area.
  A Central Illinois Airsoft community!
  A regional website for information on airsoft activities throughout the midwest. Midwest Airsofters is not a replacement for any event holders, Retailers, or organization. Its designed to help blanket all of these types of entities and help promote airsoft.
  The Elgin City River Rats is a private group of tactical combat re-enactors based in Chicago land.  Our membership is comprised of more than forty individuals from diverse walks of life who share a passion for airsoft. 
  Midwest Airsoft Guerrillas is a portable production & promotions group, modeled after such guerrilla film making production companies as Gorehound INC, we will travel to any field and make any area approved for usage suitable for airsoft. 
  The WW2AA was formed in the spring of 2003 when it was apparent that both local airsofters and WWII re-enactors were interested in playing WWII themed scenarios using airsoft weapons.
  Airsoft Team in NW Illinois
An Airsoft Team based in Indiana.
  A North West Indiana based airsoft Team that's looking to recruit new players in the area. Includes details about the Team and contact information.
  Hell's Rangers is a smalltown based airsoft Team. we have 5 members and are looking to expand. anyone can join our Team but you got to take airsoft seriously and obey the rules. we don't go to much events but we make our own games.
An Airsoft Team based in Iowa.
An Airsoft Team based in Kansas.
  An Airsoft Team from Johnson County
Cry havoc and let slip the Dogs of War! DOW was founded by Ricky Lane Reaper- and Alex Burnett Raiden- in April 2007. Since then we have become the most unusual Team out there. We have an obsession with drum magazines and soviet death charges.
The Green Mountain Rangers GMR- are an Airsoft unit with members from the New England states plus New York. The GMR comprises ex-military and civilian unit members.
Okay So you probably hate our site cause we never update it or put new pics, but we are still very active. Somebody just joined the Team that has some idea what they are doing with webpages and we are completey starting over so please deal with this crapp
  An Airsoft Team based in Michigan.
An Airsoft Team based in Minnesota.
We are in to win.
We Move Like a Pack... We Hunt Like a Pack... We Strike Like a Pack. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada; The Desert Wolves specialize in Desert/Guerrilla tactics to achieve victory over their prey. Though they are a small pack, these Wolves have no problem baring.
  A Las Vegas-based site for the Hardcore Private Airsoft Contractors Team.
We are a group of 14 guys who love the game of airsoft.We were founded in September of 2008 by Matt Ladieu and Keenan Labonte.We try to play as much as we can and we take airsoft very seriously but we still keep it fun!
An Airsoft Team based in New Jersey.
  An Airsoft Team based in New Jersey.
  We are a group of Airsofters in Northern New Jersey.We have been playing for several years and have all gatthered very good experience, and collected a decent amount of gear.
  An Airsoft Team based in New Jersey.
An Airsoft Team based in New York.
  An Airsoft Team based in New York.
  A large airsoft team based in New York City hosting monthly games detailed on their web forum.
The 1st NC Tacial Division is a program of the airsoft Team 1st NC located in North Carolina. The Tactical Division concentrates on military professionalism and excellence through the study of four essential military studies for the milsim oriented Team.
  An Airsoft Team based in North Carolina.
  This Team has been created to honor the men and women that gave their lives for this country and for those who are protecting you as you read this right now.
  Task Force 16 was formed in 2006 as one of the premier Airsoft Team in Central North Carolina. Based out of Winston Salem, the Team has members from all over North Carolina, ranging from Cary to Concord.
  An Airsoft Team based in North Carolina.
  The Avengers are a MILSIM Team and they utilize military rank and structure along with various training techniques based off of military/Law Enforcement.
A Team based in the Xenia, Kettering, Dayton area.
  An Airsoft Team based in Ohio.
  Founded in 2002, the 6MM Militia is a mid-west based airsoft Team. The Team was founded by a handful of lazy, drunk friends who wanted to go out and shoot something.
  A central Ohio Team based in the Columbus.
  We are New Philadelphia Airsoft Association. We sponser and faciliate airsoft events around the New Philadelphia metro. Our members include men and women over the age of 13. Our goal is to have fun while being safe and creating the best experience we can provide for next to nothing. All are welcom all the time! 
  An Airsoft Team based out of Columbus.
This is an airsoft Team based in Hermiston, Oregon.
  The Airsoft Pacific Strike Team APST- is an all adult,mil-sim Airsoft Team based in Portland Oregon. We’ve been parcipating in the local Airsoft community here in Oregon since 2002. First and foremost, we play the game.
  An Airsoft Team based in Oregon.
  Welcome to Airsoft Pacific, the premier Airsoft community for Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. We are a mil-sim based community for discussion, promotion, and organization of Airsoft events and games.
  Airsoft Pacific started as a place where Airsoft enthusiasts local to Oregon could gather to discuss events, equipment, Team, competition, and much more about our local Airsoft scene.
Welcome to Nepa Airsoft. We are a group of airsofters from various teams that are here for one goal. To make the local community stronger than ever in the sport we love!
  Airsoft Arsenal is an airsoft Team based out of York, PA.  We are completely dedicated to the sport of airsoft.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, just click on the contact botton.  If you are just visiting please sign the gestbook
Mil-Sim oriented Team for the SC low country, we play all over the southeast, but mostly in SC and NC.Players must be at least 18 to join
  We as a Team started playing airsoft in late 2005. It was mostly against other unorganized bands of players on local Fields. Finally, we discovered the SCAASouth Carolina Airsoft Association- and heard about the large scale games they had.
An Airsoft Team based in Tennessee.
The Infantry and the Liberators.  Every new recruit will be enlisted into the Infantry to begin with and then if they are good enough they will be asked to join the Liberators.  The Liberators are our Special Forces unit. 
  Field located on intersection of Hughes road and Euless Grapevine Road in Grapevine, Texas
  San Antonio Airsoft Community! We are committed to providing safe and legal Airsoft opportunities for those in the San Antonio area.
  Welcome to the Section 7 Airsoft Team home page. We are a group of guys who like to play Airsoft.
  New Team, we airsoft a lot but aren’t the best in the world. No age restriction, no previous skill required. Have a gun and goggles you’re good to go.
  Abiline's first official Airsoft community
  Welcome to Task Force Echo Located in the North Texas Area.
  An Airsoft Team based in Texas.
  We promote a fun and safe airsoft experience. Check out our website to learn more about airsoft in the Quincy, IL area.
  We established our business to provide you the airsoft player with quality airsoft products and tactical gear at an affordable price. We also can upgrade and repair most airsoft guns and pistols.
  TEF was formed by law enforcement officers to give us a team that we would feel comfortable on. Since many of these folks were also former military, we expanded to include military personnel, and eventually started granting special invitations
  This is a website dedicated to our airsoft team Brothers in Arms. We are just getting started and are located out of Austin, Texas.
  An Airsoft Team based in Texas.
  This organization was first started in Syracuse, NY. in the early 1980’s by a 12 man  dedicated paintball Team consisting of former and current members of Special Forces and Rangers.
We are a milsim Team, with 24 members. we live on tactics and making the fight as close to the real deal as we can. we are sponsored by the U.S Army and a squad normally come and play/train with us during our games.
  An Airsoft Team based in Utah.
An Airsoft Team based in Vermont.
This is a Team that will be based on a real military experience, along with just having fun shooting each other. We consist of around 10 players; one currntly living in Oklahoma. We are really into the sport of AirSoft, just lacking the time and supplies.
We are mature players but do play with some younger softers.
We usually play every Sunday near Port Angeles.
  Sharkey portrays the men of 3d Force Recon in Vietnam. The team meets once a month for field training, live fire exercises, and tactical battles. We're currently looking for dedicated members.  
  We are Team oriented and work together to accomplish our goal. We distribute the amount of authority through rank.
  We are an airsoft Team that consists of around 24 individuals who play regularly at various locations in Vancouver, Battleground, and RidgeField, Washington.
  A casual Team organized through Facebook. We usually have battles every weekend on Saturday. So far all of our members are teenagers, so adults might feel somewhat out of place.
  We're a airsoft Team from Washington. We came together by just likeing to play airsoft and thought we'd make a Team.
  we are a Russian Spetznaz MilSim Team
  A collaboration of players from different organizations, the Rhodesian Raiders is a group of airsoft enthusiasts headquartered in the Seattle area.
  An Airsoft Team based in Washington.
  An Airsoft Team based in Washington.
  1st-Sword is an airsoft team that is dedicated to hosting professional, well-organized events in the Pacific Northwest with an unwavering commitment to safety and fun for everyone.
SAS Task Force Steel Horse- Is a very unique airsoft Team in Wisconsin, we require a lot from our members. We are very demanding on respect, integrity and time for training and meetings. We are strict on following orders and have a military backbone.
  We reenact as 2nd Rangers 5th Battalion 2nd Division Company C
  An Airsoft Team based in Wisconsin.
  This is the home of the 227th SAS Regimental Airsoft Team - ECHO SQUADRON. This Southeastern Wisconsin Team was created as a fictional element of the British Army BA- Special Air Services SAS-.
  We reenact as 2nd Rangers 5th Battalion 2nd Division Company C. 
  We are a Team based out of Sun Prairie Wisconsin. We are now 5 members strong.
   S.S.T. is composed of only Snipers and Scouts. We are a recon team that is made to work alongside other teams to provide hard to find information that most teams are not able to get, as well as taking out important personnel on the opposing force.
  The Team is based on stealth and accuracy. While most Team play the common infantry style our Team uses scouting and sniping to get the job done.
  You will not see us, you will hear us but when you do. It will be to late you will be dead.
  The mission of Iron Cross Elite is to honorably and tactically engage enemy combatants, close with the enemy by means of fire, maneuver to defeat or capture the enemy, or repel enemy assault. 
  We are a Not-for-Profit, Non-Stock Corporation organized in the state of Wisconsin to promote the growth of the sport of airsoft in the state. 
  Home of the Wisconsin Airsoft Exposition, Madison Airsoft And the team CWC forum
  Wolf Recon's initial beginnings in early 2006 involved us taking on the role of a platoon.
Welcome to the Death Dealers Airsoft Team. We are a airsoft group from Eastern Wyoming. Our Team consists of members from Wheatland, Guernsey, Fort Laramie, Lingle and Torrington Wyoming. We meet and play whenever the work schedule and weather permit.
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