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Dragon Industries Airsoft Medical Pouch

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Emerson 3P 3 Day Assault Backpack

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Join the AirSplat Community and Experience the Airsoft Revolution!

Airsplat Airsoft Army
Welcome to the Airsplat Army

Thank you for volunteering to join The AirSplat Army. We've got some plans to really shake things up in the airsoft industry, and with your help we have no doubt that we can make it happen.
In the coming weeks we'll be providing you with tools necessary to promote AirSplat both online and in the streets. You are NOT limited to the things we suggest. We will be looking to you for ideas because you know your local market the best. So if you have a good idea... PLEASE SHARE IT WITH US!

What is the airsplat army

YES, the obvious is that AirSplat is an airsoft retailer, BUT it is also a COMMITMENT. It is a commitment to protect the integrity of the airsoft and conduct our business properly. We have made this commitment to airsoft, to our customers, and to each other. We are honoring this commitment, and encouraging each other to work harder and smarter, not just in regards to airsoft, but in life in general.

AirSplat Army Rules

It will be impossible to make rules for every scenario you will encounter, so there are only a few simple rules. In most cases you will have to exercise your best judgment and use COMMON SENSE.

1. Be professional and courteous at all times
2. If are unsure about something just ASK
3. Don't do anything stupid! BE SMART

What is in it for you?

Becoming part of the AirSplat Army not only allows you to be part of the AirSplat family and promote one of the most respected airsoft companies in the world, but you will also enjoy some of the following perks:

-FREE AirSplat promotional items
-AirSplat gift cards
-Exclusive AirSplat Army giveaways/contests
-Limited edition AirSplat custom guns
-Member-only discounts (10%-20% off)
-Sponsored community airsoft events
-Top Secret missions
-Content creation (featured reviews, artwork, product suggestions)
-Become part of the AirSplat family!
-Much more!

We will be adding more perks based on your suggestions. Our goal is to make this as fun and rewarding as possible! If you have any questions, please email us at and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Visit our AirSplat Army Blog at to see what our armies are doing for the airsoft community!
AirSplat Army AS Army Official Blog

How do it get started with the airsplat army

Create a Facebook group [NOT a fan page] for your city.
Please stick to this naming convention:
-AirSplat Army - "Insert Your City"
-EXAMPLE: AirSplat Army - Los Angeles

Add AirSplat Army Admin (AirSplat Boss) to your group and make him a group administrator to your group (
Begin recruiting members via Facebook, or existing contacts
Once you've created your group. You will be the person responsible for that group and become the "Captain". The rest of the members will be "Specialists".

How to get your complimentary Welcome Package:
1-Add AirSplat Boss to your group and make him admin of your group.
2-You must have 5 members in your army, NOT including yourself and AirSplat Boss.
3-Your AS Army must be active.
4-You must have the AS Army cover photo on your group page.
5-You must 'like' AirSplat on Facebook.
6-You must make an account with us at
7-Once you have completed the previous steps, you must request the package from AirSplat Boss via Facebook PM! Be sure to include your name, email address (the one used for your account), billing/shipping address, and name of AS Army.

Want to be part of the AirSplat Army but don't have enough people to start a group? Join one of our existing AirSplat Armies.

What to expect in the army

Recruit a local team to assist you in your street team efforts Communicate with your team on a consistent basis to keep them connected and motivated. Pass out flyers and coupons at local events, shopping centers, etc. Leave flyers neatly in stores and if permission is given, leave posters.

Online efforts
Create and manage a Facebook group for your Street Team Share, post, tweet, email our videos, posts and products as we release them. Promote AirSplat all across the internet (NO SPAMMING!). We get some of our best ideas from our fans, so keep them coming. SHARE IDEAS

Join the AirSplat Community and Experience the Airsoft Revolution!

AirSplat Team Sponsorship

Here is your opportunity to become one of AirSplat's Premiere Sponsored Teams! Being sponsored by AirSplat has many benefits, including free AirSplat merchandise, airsoft guns to review, event opportunities, FREE BBs, and more! We get tons of inquiries about becoming an AirSplat Sponsored team and we are proud to announce our new application process!

To become an AirSplat Sponsored Team - Teams must be ACTIVELY involved in all of the following before filling out the AirSplat Sponsorship Application:

1. Become a Forum Sponsor Member- Get started NOW!
2. Enroll in the AirSplat Army - Enroll in the AirSplat Army!
3. Once steps 1 & 2 are complete and you're one of the top 10 active teams for 90 days, AirSplat will then review your application. Your team must fill out this AirSplat Sponsorship Application

Once all of the steps have been completed, AirSplat will review your information and get your team started on your sponsorship!

Forum Sponsorship AirSplat Army Team Sponsorship Information

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