Airsoft Tactical Vest w/ Gun Holster WC

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Airsoft Tactical Vest w/ Gun Holster WC


Airsoft Tactical Vest w/ Cross Draw Pistol Holster Woodland Camo
- 3 Pistol Mag Pouches / 3 Rifle Mag Pouches
- Includes Web Belt w/ 2 Additional Pistol Mag Pouches
- US MOLLE Compatible (Utilities, Accesories, Shovels, Swords)
- Completely Modular/Ventilated


  • Modular Crossdraw Pistol Holster
  • Includes Tactical Web Belt
  • 3 Airsoft Rifle Mag Pouches
  • 4 to 6 Airsoft Pistol Mag Pouches
  • Radio/Utility Pouch
  • US MOLLE Compatible (Utilities, Accessories, Shovels, Swords)
  • Completely Modular and Ventilated
  • Includes back pouch for CamelBak or Hydration System Bladder

    I ordered a couple of tan vests from AirSplat to compliment our desert and opfor gear. On their website they're labeled as "Tactical Vest with Holster" available in either desert (reviewed here), black or woodland pattern. Please beware that the color of this vest will always be the same, but here on the review, due to monitor differences and lighting conditions when I took the photos, the color might vary slightly from one another, but THEY ARE THE SAME. The color is 100% compatible with desert camo.
  • First Impressions
    The soon-to-be owner of the vest with me when I received the first vest. For $40.00, and a no-brand vest (made for Airsplat's distribution), we were expecting something ordinary that wouldn't rip apart during the first dozen games... and well... we got a lot more than that. The quality of this airsoft vest was way beyond what we had expected and we already have expensive tactical vests going as high as $180 and this vest can be put side to side to any of those and stand his ground comfortably. A $75 price tag would be a fair price for this vest just for the fact it's not made by any fancy distributor like Guarder, but putting aside the branding, I'd say $100 for this airsoft vest.

    The Front (VEST 1)
    As shown in the picture below, the front part of the first vest (from now on, referred to as VEST 1) has 3 pistol mag pouches on the left side of the chest, 1 utility pouch on the right side, 3 belly high rifle mags on the right side, and a REMOVABLE pistol holster on the left side (for right handed people) with yet another pistol mag. There is also a radio pouch on the left shoulder and the vest comes with an awesome belt. The vest is closed with a zipper and secured with BLACK plastic buckles. There are also 2 utility pockets inside the vest, which could be used for maps or documents.

    The Back (VEST 1 & 2)
    Below we can see the Velcro straps on the shoulders to adjust the height, more plastic buckles to adjust the width, the US MOLLE compatibility for other accessories, and the center strap to carry the wounded (which seemed pretty strong but still would suggest you don't attempt to pull anyone on the ground for obvious reasons). There is however, s

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