Airsoft Safety
Airsoft is a sport in which players use non-lethal, replica firearms in the simulation of military style combat (MilSim) or in force on force game play. To learn more about airsoft guns and their history please visit
The collection and use of these harmless weapons or toy guns are very popular and completely safe as long as certain precautions are taken and safety guidelines are adhered to. Or if you are looking for our shopping guide


Airsoft Protective Gear Guidelines
Along with the discussion of the appropriate places to use airsoft guns, airsoft shooting safety guidelines need to be addressed as well. First and foremost, protective gear should be used at all times. This includes, most importantly, eye and face protection. While airsoft shooting goggles or glasses (with shatter resistant lenses) are a must, a full protective face mask is highly recommended. Full face masks protect against facial damage to cheeks, teeth, and ears, as well as providing complete protection for the eyes. Never, ever, shoot at someone who is not wearing proper protection or safety apparel. Along with protective face wear, the use of a thick sweater or jacket, a balaclava (a cloth head mask), gloves, a hat, hard-soled boots, and knee and elbow pads are also recommended. As a final safety measure, the covering of all exposed skin is also highly advised.

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In airsoft there are additional options of protective apparel or gear, but most are not required. Some go as far as body shields, or chest protectors, chest plates, vests or other heavy external apparel.


Anytime that you are using your airsoft gun, there are four rules that must be strictly adhered to. The first is to treat your gun as if it was always loaded and assume that it could fire at any time. The second rule is to never point your weapon at anything you don’t intend to shoot. By keeping your gun pointed in a safe direction at all times, the chance of injuries can be greatly diminished. The third rule of airsoft shooting safety is to keep your finger off the trigger until you are on target and ready to shoot. You can prevent an accidental discharge by keeping your finger outside of the trigger guard until you are ready to fire. The fourth and final rule is to be sure of your intended target and what is behind them. Before firing your gun, be aware of what you may hit if you miss your intended target.


Another safety issue to discuss is the velocity or speed in which the BB’s are fired from the gun, measured in feet (FPS) or meters (MPS) per second. The speed at which airsoft BB's leave the barrel of the airsoft guns is much slower than the speed that BB's are shot out of a traditional BB gun. Generally speaking, this slower speed allows people to shoot at each other with airsoft guns safely, under most conditions. The safe range of speeds for airsoft guns is between 200 and 400 FPS. Make sure that anyone firing an airsoft gun over 400 feet per second is experienced, can accurately judge distance, and does not engage targets at close range. Also remember that the firing speed of airsoft guns are measured using 0.2g BB’S. Higher weight BB’s will have a lower FPS, but can still carry the same inertia and can cause an equal amount of damage. Therefore, when using this heavier grade BB, a different FPS scale should be used. Please refer to airsoft definitions at for more information.


Airsoft Gun Cases A final precaution to discuss is the transportation of your airsoft gun. When transporting your gun to and from a location, carry it in a gun case. Not only will a case protect your airsoft gun, but in many areas a gun case is the only way to legally transport your airsoft gun. Keep in mind; it is very difficult to visibly distinguish an airsoft gun from a real gun.Airsoft Precautions


The main concern surrounding airsoft gun safety is the realistic nature of the weapons themselves. Airsoft guns are exact replicas of lethal firearms in both appearance and weight. The only notable difference between airsoft and lethal weapons, other than the blaze orange tip at least 6 mm wide affixed to airsoft guns, is that airsoft guns fire small plastic BB’s instead of metal bullets. However, even with the blaze orange tips, airsoft guns can easily be mistaken for real firearms. It is very important to not remove this tip and is a Federal Offense. One of the main misconceptions that people have is that because airsoft guns fire plastic rounds and are used for recreation; they believe they can be treated as common, run of the mill toys. For more information about differences between toy guns and airsoft guns, please read our article. It is this casual disregard, along with the realistic appearance of the weapons that has caused many people to find themselves inadvertently in trouble.


One of the potential problems that can arise is when children bring their airsoft guns to school. Many children don’t realize that even though their airsoft guns are toys, they are not appropriate items to bring into the classroom or onto school grounds. As a result of this lack of understanding on the child’s part, disruption and panic can ensue. On top of that, with the recent zero-tolerance policy regarding bringing weapons (whether real or otherwise) onto school property, there may be serious repercussions. So, if you are a parent reading this, be aware that if your child brings an airsoft gun to school they may be suspended, expelled, or possibly arrested. If you are a student please make responsible choices by not bringing your airsoft gun to school or playing on or near school grounds.


Another concern that needs to be discussed is the appropriate use of airsoft guns in public places. While there is nothing wrong with playing airsoft with your friends, make sure it is done in the proper environment. In choosing an airsoft arena or venue, private property should be chosen over public places such as streets and parks. By playing on private property, the chances of your airsoft game being mistaken for something more are highly diminished. When playing anywhere other than in an indoor airsoft field, it is advisable to play in daylight. This will cut down the risk of both personal injury and the possibility of other people thinking that your airsoft gun is a real firearm. Be discreet in locations that you choose to play and remember to never brandish an airsoft gun in public. Remember, even though you and your friends may know that you are only playing a game, outside viewers may think otherwise.

In general, there are three rules to always keep in mind that will help you avoid unwanted attention and trouble. Never carry or use your airsoft guns in public places, never bring your airsoft gun onto school grounds, and never use your airsoft gun in self defense. Finally, remember that airsoft guns, although toy guns, should be treated with the same level of responsibility as you would with a real firearm.


If you are confronted by a police officer while transporting or playing with your airsoft gun, stay calm and follow their orders to the letter. Tell them that the gun isn’t real, and ask them what you should do. Don’t make any sudden movements and DO NOT argue with the officers. Your attitude can mean the difference between being arrested and being released.


By following these simple suggestions, you can safely enjoy airsoft without harming yourself or others. When everyone agrees on and follows preset rules, airsoft is just as safe as paintball. Airsoft is not a dangerous sport as long as everyone playing understands safety and respect. Along with being safe, using common sense is important as well. Just as you would not brandish a real firearm in public, the same is true with airsoft guns. The simplest rule to remember with airsoft guns is to treat them with the same respect as you would with real guns.

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