Airsoft Press SG552 AEG Upgrade Manual

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Airsoft Press eBook Manual
- Thorough Indepth Review on Airsoft Sig 552 AEG Rifle Upgrades
- Step by Step Illustrated directions and tutorials
- Perfect for Novice or Advanced Airsofters
- Addresses Tokyo Marui, Classic Army, ICS, and other varieties of Airsoft AEG Guns
- A Must have for any player of the Airsoft Sport
- Contains over 115 Pages of Illustrations and Guides
- Click on More Info for Table of Contents Table of Contents





Tools you’re going to need
Proper handling of the screws
The proper ways of taking things apart and putting them back together  

Small battery compartment
Inner barrel
Mag capacity
ody flex


What is proper usage?
What are the key elements of a high FPS setup?
FPS increase in meter readings VS performance increase in a practical sense: the law of diminishing marginal gain in performance.
0.20g BBs versus 0.25g BBs versus 0.30g BBs: the heavier the better?
Does FPS always go hand in hand with Joule?
What is the difference between the FPS system and the Joule system?
How do you use FPS to measure Joule?
How do you use FPS to give an estimate of the range?
Higher FPS = lower ROF?
Softer spring = Higher ROF?
Harder spring = Lower ROF?
Is 8.4V insufficient for an upgraded mechbox?
Does battery size matter?
Is battery power important for semi-auto firing?
EG-1000 and CA Super High speed
Why (and why not) should I buy the high torque gear set?
Why (and why not) should I use helical gears?
Why (and why not) should I keep the stock plastic bushings?
Why (and why not) should I replace the stock plastic bushings with metal bushings?
What is an easy way to (more accurately) shim?
How do I tell if shimming has been done correctly?
What is the recommended order of gear insertion?
Longer spring versus shorter spring: the longer the better?
What are the major parameters of a spring?
Is a harder spring more harmful for the internals?
Installing a long spring: tricks and potential danger.
Installing a short spring: tricks and potential danger.
Why (and why not) should the spring be ground?
How to facilitate spring spinning?
What is a variable pitch spring? Is it always better for AEG?
Use of spacers for spring compression: tricks and potential danger.
What is wrong with a custom made spring?
Systema Springs versus PDI Springs
Can stainless steel spring offer better FPS?
Can Telfon Coated spring offer better FPS?
What can I do to reduce stress on the gears?
Can an EG1000 increase FPS (through higher torgue) over an EG700?
Why (and why not) should I use a Bore-Up Cylinder?
Different guns use different cylinders that have different number and position of openings. Why’s that?
Is it useful to block the cylinder opening altogether?
Why is it useful to put holes on the piston head? Any alternative?
Why (and why not) should I use a metallic piston head?
How about a silent head set?
Is aluminum piston more durable?
Is the stock mechbox too fragile for M130 or above?
Do I need a heatsink motor plate on upgrade that involves M140 or above?
How do I effectively reduce heat on

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