Airsoft Press Airsoft Gas Gun Upgrade

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Airsoft Press eBook Manual
- Thorough Indepth Review on Airsoft GAS Upgrades
- Step by Step Illustrated directions and tutorials
- Perfect for Novice or Advanced Airsofters
- Addresses Tokyo Marui, KJW, KWA, KSC, HFC, KWC, and other varieties of Airsoft GAS Guns
- A Must have for any player of the Airsoft Sport
- Contains over 50 Pages of Illustrations and Guides
- Click on More Info for Table of Contents


Tools you’re going to need
Tools you don’t absolutely need
Handling of screws
The proper ways of taking things apart and putting them back together


The anatomy of a blowback gas handgun
Possible points of failure
Possible upgrades and performance optimization tricks


FPS increase in meter readings VS performance increase in a practical sense: the law of diminishing marginal gain in performance.
What are the differences between 134a, Green Gas and Red Gas?
How about CO2?
Proper gas charging and handling techniques
Double Action VS Single Action
Can you turn a GBB into a fixed slide NBB?
0.20g BBs versus 0.25g BBs versus 0.30g BBs: the heavier the better?
Does FPS always go hand in hand with Joule?
What is the difference between the FPS system and the Joule system?
How do you use FPS to measure Joule?
How do you use FPS to give an estimate of the range?
What is wrong with the soda can test?
What is right with the soda can test?
What is the most accurate way to measure FPS?
What are the key elements of a high accuracy setup?
How to improve accuracy with short barrel?
Can a long barrel deliver higher accuracy and range?
What is good about a high precision barrel?
How to maximize the effectiveness of a high precision barrel?
What is the drawback of using a high precision barrel?
What can cause the hopup rubber to break?
I have to wind my hop almost all the way up just to get flat flight. What is wrong?
Why is fixed hopup not desirable?

Free Sample of Airsoft Press AEG V2 Mechbox Upgrade Manual and AEG V3 Mechbox Upgrade Manual

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Manufacturers Airsoft Publications Periodicals
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