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in airsoft there are additional options of protective apparel or gear, But most are not required. Some go as far as body shields, or chest protectors, chest plates, vests or other heavy external apparel.


Airsoft guns can look very much like real guns , except that they have a BRIGHT ORANGE tip on them at all times. Sometimes it's very hard to tell real and airsfot guns apart, which is why the orange tip, and safe usage by airsoft owners is mandatory! Toy Guns usually are completely painted a bright orange color and use cheap plastics and screws to hold them together. For more on the difference between Airsoft guns and toy guns , read our TOY GUNS PAGE For more on the difference between airsoft guns and real guns, watch our SHOOT IT VIDEOS

Airsoft guns propel bb's through air pressure. This is achieved by a piston and airtight seal connected to a load bearing spring, or through compressed gas released quickly through a valve. To extend range, a small device called a "Hop-up" unit is installed on most airsoft guns these days. For more about the physics of airsoft guns, read HOW AIRSOFT GUNS WORK

The Basics of any airsoft gun is that it needs ammo, 6mm plastic airsoft bb's to use them. You then load the bb's in a magazine and then put the magazine in the gun. You then turn off any safeties, aim, and shoot! Depending on the type of airsoft gun, you use the gun differently If it's a spring gun, you'll need to cock it with each shot, if it's gas, you'll need to charge the magazine with Green Gas or C02 along with the bb's, cock the gun, and pull the trigger. To learn more about using and shooting an airsoft gun, check out HOW TO USE AN AIRSOFT GUN

An airsoft gun is very easy to maintain once you know the right methods. Basic rules are to always use high quality BB's, never let your battery run too low (if it's an AEG electric gun) and to keep it properly lubricated if it's a gas gun. 

-To Learn about BB's read more in ABOUT AIRSOFT BB's 
-To Learn about Airsoft AEG Maintenance , see the AIRSOFT AEG MAINTENANCE 
-To Learn about Airsoft Gas Gun Maintenance, See Airsoft GAS GUN MAINTENANCE

Spring PistolsThese are excellent entry level Airsoft BB guns for the first time young player. Commonly referred to as "Springers". These airsoft spring pistols are cheap in price amongst the many airsoft guns. Styled after some of the world's famous firearms, these Airsoft spring handguns and pistols are true to scale and easy to operate. This category of airsoft spring pistols is very durable and has extremely low failure rates. Uses 6mm 0.12g BBs, and AND MUST BE MANUALLY COCKED BEFORE EACH SHOT. They shoot fast enough to go a decent distance (80-90) feet, but are not powerful enough to do injury to a properly face and eye protected player. the worst one can feel is a "pinch" through a shirt or light sweater. 
Spring Shotguns Spring Airsoft Shotguns are a great choice of airsoft in the spring rifles section of Airsoft. They also are great as a starting point to shotguns to familiarize yourself with basic shotgun operations. They're very easy to charge and are perfect for CQB airsoft games or shorter distance shooting. Some airsoft shotguns will even shoot multple airsoft BBs with a single pump just like a real shotgun, making a truely shotgun like experience in airsoft. This is probably for the slightly older kids, as they are larger and harder to cock than spring pistols, and they shoot bb's a little harder and faster and are slightly more complex to operate. This is the next stage to move forward to when your kids have proven themselves responsible with Spring Pistols
Mini Airsoft Electric Guns The "Mini AirSoft" guns, which are basically caricatures of actual rifles and submachine guns. The Mini Electric AirSoft Guns incorporate a battery operated motor to perform the entire action. It allows for near instantaneous firing response. A constant pull on the trigger allows for fully automatic machine gun like rapid firing. Uses AA batteries and great for the early shooters. The range and distance is not that far (30-40), and dont shoot very hard at all (150fps). these would be best for kids just starting out and want a fun backyard "plinker" and want to experiment with "full- auto" feature
Low Powered Airsoft Electric Guns LPEG Perfect introduction into Airsoft Electric Guns. These Low Powered Electric Guns or LPEG are full size, requires minimal maintenance and include battery pack/charger for convenience. However, due to their lower battery capacity and softer spring strength, BBs does not shoot as far or powerful but make up with its ability to fire in semi or full auto mode per trigger pull. Therefore these Airsoft rifles are perfect for casual "backyard wars" for Airsoft parties and are compatible with 0.12 g 6mm BBs. Because these are full size, they are the natural progression from mini electric airsoft guns, they allow a better taste and feel of what a fully automatic "big boys" electric gun shoots and feels like, without breaking the bank or budget for you.

As Parents, you probably have kids that are constantly begging and pleading for you to buy them an “airsoft gun!!! Full auto yeah!!!” "It's so cool! it looks so real!!" this is a guide for parents who have kids between the age of 8-13 who want to start off in the world of airsoft. For differences between airsoft and other shooting toys and sports like nerf and dart guns, please see this page about TOY GUNS 

As a parent, you have concerns about safety and the dangers of having young kids playing with realistic replica airsoft toys. You're perfectly valid in your concerns, you just want whats best for your kids. But if given the chance airsoft is an enriching fun sport just like hockey or soccer! There are some extra measures that must be taken into consideration. 

SAFETY FIRST - First and foremost, if you have any children playing with airsoft guns, regardless of age, they must always be within parental supervision or at a supervised and regulated field. Dont just think because they're out in the backyard everything is fine. In this day and age, if you bought for a minor to use, its your responsibility to always know where, how, and why the airsoft toy is being used and played with. Teach them the responsibility of using it, and to never brandish or point it any anyone in a public place! more on airsoft safety here: AIRSOFT SAFETY

Next and just as important, before any airsoft item is purchased, you need to set the ground rules that EYE AND FACE PROTECTION MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES when playing or in the area of play!! you cant stress this enough, even though pellets are lightweight, they are moving fast and can still injure soft tissue like eyes. Go here to search for proper eye and face protection: FACE MASKS AND GOGGLES