MarylandTactical Airsoft ArenaTactical Airsoft Arena is a recreational facility where players participate in simulated military and law enforcement style (play) combat using airsoft replicas in a safe and controlled environment.

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  Hollywood Sports is a state of the art outdoor paintball theme park spread over 23 acres, centrally located to Los Angeles. The paintball fields are actual movie sets from such classics as Starship Troopers, The Haunting, Saving Private Ryan, Godzilla, and more.
  Jericho is a Private MOUT Facility, designed and used for tactical training, and Military Simulation style gameplay using airsoft guns.
  At Mr. Paintballusa Fields the 858AIRSOFT Team host a large open invite game on the FIRST Sunday of each month. Players of all ages and skill levels are welcome.
  Paintball USA is proud to announce our new location at Close Encounters Recreation Club. Walkons are welcome as well as paintball birthday parties, corporate Team building events and other sports recreation club activities.
  We are the Sacramento area's only indoor airsoft arena. The arena is almost 21000 sqaure feet.
  Extreme Airsoft Sports Arena
Come play Laser tag or Airsoft in our huge 9000 square foot black lit maze! Located at 7905 Flint Road S.E. (off of McLeod Trail & Heritage Drive).  Between games, entertain yourself with a round of air hockey, pool or one of our other arcade games. Five private party rooms for you to use, free of charge. Laser Trek now offers you the chance to play the exciting sport of Airsoft!
DMZ Airsoft is all about promoting the sport of airsoft so for us fair play and sportsmanship is mandatory. Our currently location is a 130,000 square foot facility an N. Nevada in Coloraodo Springs.

  Welcome to Ground Zero Airsoft USA. a 50 acre gaming facility to the venue for the patrons of Ground Zero airsoft USA.
Florida A new 75 acre outdoor facility with 2-10 acre airsoft fields and a paintball field as well. It is combat city at the Orlando airsoft park.
Has two speedball Fields that can be used for airsoft, as well as 2 wooded maps, Frontier and Vietnam. A tank Field is available. Speedball Fields have cover contructed from mounds of dirt with concrete and stacked barrels respectively.
  CPX is a large paintball facility located in Joliet, IL. Instead of one large Field it is broken up into many smaller Fields. Airsoft play is allowed only on the last Sunday of the month. Admission is currently $25.
  Events organized by Midwest Airsoft Guerillas are hosted here. Located about 30 minutes south of Joliet, IL. Field size is massive with lots of varying terrain. A stream cuts through the Field making for interesting play in the summer.
  AirsoftX is hosting Games, Tournaments, Challenges, Operations and Leagues in Peoria Illinois. A 25k Square foot, multi level, extremely realistic CQB facility dedicated to the sport of airsoft.  You might want to challenge yourself on The Gauntlet, a dynamic test that will push your limits on skill, speed and accuracy.
  2 Fields (CQB & THE FOREST) 10 Acres of airsoft Milsims, Nite Games, Winter Games Open year round. Strictly Airsoft. No paint ball. 
Blast camp is a decommisioned Nike Missle base. As such it contains actual buildings including several barracks, administration buildings, a motorpool, and other structures. Several other playing Fields have been constructed including a speedball Field.
A Paintball Field based in Kansas.
Kentucky Airsoft field in Danville KY
  Airsoft & Paintball playfield that opens rain or shine in Frederick, Maryland.
An airsoft store as well as a CQB arena. The main CQB building and store is located in Ozark while the second CQB building is located in Nixa.
We are not open to the public for airsoft.
Airsoft is also played at our Field. It is a private group which will need to be contacted. They do invite new players to their group.
An Airsoft Field based in New Jersey.
  Stryker Airsoft strives to provide the best indoor airsoft experience in the region with a realistic and challenging layout and games for all experience levels. Games will be facilitated by dedicated and friendly staff members. Safety of players and guests will be of the utmost importance. We will provide a family friendly environment with a snack bar, free WiFi and other activities.  
Hudson Valley Airsoft is the only legitimate and insured airsoft field in the Hudson Valley.
  Airsoft Field in Deer Park, New York 
  Coopers Cave Games & Paintball playing facility is located in Kingsbury, NY. Our 40+ acre facility features multiple types of playing fields including urban, woods, fort, competition and more.  
  The premier Airsoft field in the Hudson Valley area. Located in Rock Tavern, NY; Zulu24 features 120+ acres of woodland and themed interactive worlds. We are open every weekend for Walk-on Open Play. We offer rentals and stock BB's available for purchase. The field also features; private parking, picnic/bbq area, fire pit and self-contained RV's are welcome. Safety is our number one concern, we follow strict safety guidelines. We are the one of the largest and properly insured Airsoft Fields in the Tri-State area! (NEASG registered) North Carolina Cane Creek Airosft is Asheville North Carolina's only dedicated airsoft field. Located on 160 acres Cane Creek will offer a safe place with challenging terrain for the sport of airsoft to grow in Buncombe county. Our main focus is to get backyard airsoft game away from neighborhoods and to a safe enviroment.    Cool Combat is North Carolina's 1st and only Indoor Airsoft Arena ... It switched from being NC's 1st "Airsoft Only" Outdoor Field to being its 1st Indoor Airsoft Arena in 2012. The new Indoor Arena is now located near the middle of the State in Lexington. The new Cool Combat Indoor Airsoft Arena has over 50,000 sq ft. of playing space with more room to expand. Currently, this makes it the Largest Indoor Airsoft Arena on the East Coast   At Xtreme Kombat we pride ourselves for having the best customer service, the best equipment deals and try our best to have outstanding facilities! We love paintball, and we are very passionate about it so we put all our energy into making a better place for you to come play and have fun.   Three Brothers Paintball and Legacy Field was created to provide the Bismarck-Mandan area and surrounding communities with a creative extracurricular alternative within a family-oriented environment. We believe God has given us this opportunity to positively influence those around us through the sport of paintball. The Ultimate Airsoft CQB Experience An Airsoft Field based in Ohio. Splat Action is Fully Open Every Saturday and Sunday - Rain or Shine! I am a young solider from the US Army still buzzing off of basic and BFT, so I got in to airsoft as I played small games in backyards, I wanted a field to play at and i wanted to offer said field to others….   Ambush Outdoor Adventure Park - Paintball & Airsoft. Exceeding Expectations since 1984!!! An Airsoft Field based in Virginia.   Ballahack Airsoft is a growing Field in Southern Chesapeake, located at 2900 Ballahack Road. The Field is located on a 99 acre piece of land full of wooded areas, paths, ditches, Fields, marsh, and other natural terrain. Washington Located in Rochester WA An Airsoft Field based in Wisconsin.        
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