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Events from 2001-2012

Red vs. Blue V Airsoft Game - Jericho Airsoft - Lake Elsinore, CA - 02/21/2015

Team AirSplat attended Jericho Airsoft’s Red Vs. Blue V Airsoft Game in Lake Elsinore, California! We donated over $500 in raffle prizes and AirSplat goodies, including a $169.99 VALUE Tokyo Marui Chrome Desert Eagle GBB Gun and a $279.99 VALUE Apex Carbine Mk13 Mod 4 AEG Rifle! Congratulations to our winners and thanks for a great event at Jericho Airsoft! Visit the AirSplat Official Blog or our Facebook Album for more pictures from the event. 

The Raven's Gate - Parlier, CA - 02/21/2015

AirSplat sponsored "The Raven's Gate" airsoft game hosted by our very own sponsored team, Apollo Airsoft! We donated a bunch of AirSplat goodies and swag for their event and it was a huge success! Glad to have Apollo Airsoft aboard the AirSplat Family. Looking forward to more great things from you guys along with our other sponsored teams. Visit the Official AirSplat Blog for more pictures from the event! 

SHOT Show 2015 - Sands Expo Center - Las Vegas, NV - 01/20/2015 - 01/23/2015

Follow up with AirSplat at SHOT Show 2015! We have a guest visitor with us as well that we flew in all the way from ARGENTINA to attend SHOT Show! AirsoftBB will be helping us cover the event with awesome pictures and blogs. Visit our Facebook Album or the AirSplat Official Blog for more pictures from the event! Be sure to give AirsoftBB a ‘Like’ on Facebook! Subscribe to AirsoftBB on YouTube!

AirSplat LA Anniversary Birthday Bash - Irwindale, CA - 9/27/2014

AirSplat threw a HUGE Birthday Bash celebration for their 15 years in business! We had over 800+ attendees with over $5,000+ in raffles and giveaways! Take a look at our Facebook album and tag yourself for a chance to win some extra prizes! To view more pictures, visit the AirSplat Official Blog.

American Milsim OP: IRONCLAD - Camp Shelby, Shelby, MS - 9/19/2014 - 9/21/2014

Team AirSplat attended American Milsim's Operation: IRONCLAD in Mississippi! AirSplat had the priviledge of also sponsoring the Player's Lounge where all the players and fans could chill and rest between games. The AirSplat Player's Lounge was full of refreshments, snacks, and of course AirSplat Swag! Be sure to visit AirSplat's Official Blog for more pictures!

Lion Claws OP: X - Fort Monmouth, NJ - 9/19/2014 - 9/21/2014

AirSplat sponsored Lion Claws Operation: X in New Jersey! We handed out lots of AirSplat swag and of course a few amazing raffle items! Special thanks to Airsoft Simulations for covering the event! Be sure to visit AirSplat's Official Blog for more pictures!

West Coast Adventure Park - Operation: Nightfire - Plymouth, CA - 9/13/2014

AirSplat donated hundreds of dollars worth in prizes and giveaways to West Coast Adventure Park's night game, Operation: Nightfire! Looks like everyone had a great time! We look forward to sponsoring the next next event!

Sequoia Birthday Bash - Bay Area, CA - 8/23/2014

AirSplat was a sponsor for the Sequoia Birthday Bash! We donated hundreds of dollars in raffle prizes and giveaways. Looks like they had a great time and we look forward to sponsoring the next event! Visit the AirSplat Blog to view more pictures from the event!

AirSplat Summer Swap Meet & Greet! AirSplat Los Angeles & Seattle - 8/2/2014

AirSplat put together the first of it's kind - The AirSplat Airsoft Summer Swap Meet & Greet! Both AirSplat Los Angeles and Seattle invited local teams and airsofters to come hang out, play airsoft, and sell their airsoft stuff! Los Angeles even held the first SoCal Airsoft Social (SAS) at Tac City North! Over 500 airsofters came out to sell their stuff in the summer heat!

Lion Claws OP Northern Light - Duluth, MN - 7/25 - 7/27/2014

AirSplat was at Lion Claws Operation Northern Light in Duluth MN! Exclusive Lion Claws / AirSplat shirts and patches were handed out to every player! Great raffle prizes like the new WE Bronze G17 Pistol and an Echo1 AEG Rifle! Be sure to be on the look out for AirSplat at Lion Claws events!

Operation Black Shield - SC Village - Corona, CA - 7/19/2014

OP Blind Strike - Pontotoc, MS - 7/12/2014

AirSplat sponsored OP Blind Strike in Pontotoc, Mississippi, hosted by AirSplat Army - Pontotoc! We sponsored them some giveaways and freebies! The winners looked pretty excited! We look forward to sponsoring more East U.S.A. games and events! Hopefully AirSplat can make it out one of these days. Visit the AirSplat Army Blog for more information and pictures from the event!

AirSplat Sponsored Fighters! MMA and Jiu-Jitsu Fighters!

AirSplat can kick your ass! As you might know, AirSplat is full of fighters and we recently sponsored Takedown MMA Fighter Diman Morris! Be sure to check out Diman's King of the Cage fight on August 7th at San Manuel Casino! Not in the Southern California area? Check out the fights on MAVTV! Visit the AirSplat Blog for more information!

Lion Claws OP: Shahrazad - Fredericksburg, VA - 6/27/2014 - 6/29/2014

AirSplat donated OVER $450+ in raffles and giveaways, including a $249.99 VALUE LCT M4A1 and a $197.99 VALUE DeepFire M4! Airsoft Simulations represented AirSplat at OLCMSS: Operation Shahrazad and they had a great time! Lion Claws Operation: Shahrazad was in Fredericksburg, VA. Visit the AirSplat Blog for more information and pictures from the event!

Mighty Eagle IV - Mystic, CT - 6/8/2014

AirSplat sponsored East Coast game, Mighty Eagle IV, hosted by AirSplat Army - Mystic, CT and Combined Arms Airsoft! We donated over $1,000+ in raffle prizes and giveaways! Looks like they had a great time! We look forward to the next big East Coast event we get to sponsor and maybe AirSplat might make it out next time! Visit the AirSplat Army Blog for more information and pictures from the event!

OP New Hope 2 - Hollister, CA - 6/15/2014

AirSplat sponsored OP New Hope 2, hosted by AirSplat Army - Hollister and ARC Airsoft! We donated over $900+ in raffles and giveaways! Hollister & ARC Airsoft did an amazing job with hosting and covering the event! We look forward to the next event! Visit the AirSplat Army Blog for more information and pictures from the event!

AirSplat Appreciation Event 2014! - 5/17/2014

AirSplat would like to give a special Thank You to everyone that attended the event and to all of our AirSplat fans and customers for your continuous support! We had OVER 2,500 ATTENDEES at the event and there was OVER $10,000 WORTH OF RAFFLES & GIVEAWAYS!! We’re so glad you were all able to make it out to this event and show your love for AirSplat. Another special Thank You to all of the vendors that attended AirSplat Appreciation and for donating raffle prizes! We wouldn’t be where we are at without our awesome vendors and amazing fans and customers! As a token of our appreciation, we will be doing another giveaway on Facebook! Visit our FACEBOOK ALBUM and tag yourself to enter for a chance to win a $379.99 VALUE BOLT BRSS SOPMOD M4 Rifle! Visit the Official AirSplat Blog for more information.

OP Red Storm East - Lion Claws Events - 4/25/2014

AirSplat sponsored Lion Claws OP Red Storm East!

"High Speed Scenarios" - Big Lake, MN - 4/26/2014

AirSplat sponsored the "High Speed Scenarios" hosted by AirSplat Army - Upsala, MN with raffle prizes and promotional items! The "High Speed Scenarios" are a series of games gearing toward "team communication". Visit the AS Army Blog for more pictures!

Operation: Take Down - Fresno, CA - 5/3/2014

AirSplat sponsored Operation: Take Down, hosted by AirSplat Army - Fresno County! We donated raffles and lots of promotional items. Fresno County did a great job with hosting the event! We look forward to the next event! Visit the AirSplat Army Blog for more information and pictures from the event!

Battle for Baghdad - Cool Combat Airsoft Field - 4/12/2014 - 4/13/2014

AirSplat sponsored the "Battle for Baghdad" event at Cool Combat Airsoft Field! We sponsored one of our East Coast teams, Sword of the Spirit, to go out and represent and they had a great time! Sword of the Spirit is also part of AirSplat Army - Hickory, NC. AirSplat looks forward to the next Cool Combat event! Visit the AS Army Blog to see more AS Armies we have sponsored!

Tac City North Grand Opening - Irwindale, CA - 3/22/2014

Tac City North opens up a brand new field in Irwindale, CA! There were over 500 players in attendance with over $2,000 worth in raffles and giveaways! Visit the AirSplat Blog for more pictures!

"Return to Backpackistan" MilSim Event - Ukau's Airsoft Field - 3/15/14

AirSplat helped out with raffle prizes and freebies for another epic MilSim game at Ukau's Airsoft Field! There were lots of players that came out for the game and over $2,000 worth in raffles!

Operation New Horizon - Lion Claws Events - Sanna Ranch - 3/8/2014

AirSplat Army Wars -AirSplat Army Fresno County - 2/22/2014

AirSplat sponsored AirSplat Army- Fresno County's "AirSplat Army Wars" event at The War Room Airsoft Field! Players participated in some epic 3 vs. 3 tournaments as well as some free-for-all gameplay and death matches!

Razors Edge III -AirSplat Army Portland - 1/8/2014 - 1/9/2014

Die hard airsofters came out to play in heavy snow for the Razors Edge event!

Santa's War 8: Return of the Grinch - Camp R&R - Oregon - 12/7/2013

AirSplat and AirSplat Army Portland helped out with Santa's War 8: Return of the Grinch! Airsofters came out to play airsoft for a great cause and gave an unwrapped toy for Toys for Tots!

PRAT Airsoft Events - Seattle, Washington

AT WORLDS END - Fields of Fire - Mystic, CT - 11/3/2013

AirSplat sponsored some great players that attended the At Worlds End event at Fields of Fire in Mystic, CT. Players showed up and had a great game of airsoft and some AirSplat swag!

Night Game - Halloween - Ukau's Airsoft Field

AirSplat helped out with raffle prizes and free stuff for this awesome game! It was a great turn out and even some airsofters showed up in their halloween costumes!

AirSplat Los Angeles Retail Store Grand Opening - Irwindale, CA - 9/14/2013

Thank you everyone who attended the AirSplat Los Angeles Grand Opening! Over 1,500 AirSplat fans came far and near, and even camped out early Friday morning! Thousands of dollars worth of prizes were raffled out throughout the day and we even gave out an Echo1 M134 Minigun! AirSplat fans also got an exclusive sneak peek at our new AirSplat logo! We are very proud of our store, new look, and all of our fans that make AirSplat possible! Thank you!

Combat Enterprises - Sequoia Airsoft Birthday Bash - 8/24/2013

AirSplat is a proud sponsor of the Sequoia Airsoft Birthday Bash! Over 100 airsofters came out to this event to celebrate! AirSplat supplied BBs, raffle prizes and much more!

AirSplat Sponsored Games at PRAT Field and Pegasus V at Spokane Airsoft

AirSplat is a proud sponsor of P.R.A.T and helped out with a couple of airsoft games in Washington. BBs, t-shirts, water bottles and all kinds of merchandise was provided! Everyone had a blast!

Ukau Airsoft Field - MilSim Event - 7/20/2013

AirSplat sponsored an event in Galt,California at Ukau Airsoft Field and it was a HUGE success! Tons of airsofters showed up for some all day airsofting and some airsoft giveaways and raffles!

AirSplat Seattle Summer Sale 2013 - Seattle, WA - 7/13/2013

Thank you to everyone who came out to AirSplat Seattle's Summer Sale Event! Hundreds of airsofters came out to have a full day of airsoft fun! Seattle airsofters had a chance to meet with AirSplat sponsored teams, win over $1500 worth of airsoft prizes, chat with airsoft vendors, and eat some good food!

AirSplat Appreciation Day 2013 at Tac City Fullerton- 5/19/2013

A Very big THANK YOU to everyone who came out to our Appreciation Day! Without our fans, we would not be where we are today and we wanted to thank you by throwing a FREE day of airsoft activities at Tac City Fullerton! Over 2000+ tickets sold and fans showed up for airsoft, food, games, and $5000 worth of raffle prizes! Check out the recap video on Youtube!

Operation Overload - Vaughn, WA - 4/6/2013

The AirSplat Seattle Team attended Operation Overload in Vaughn, Washington and had a great time! We were there with full force and got to meet some great AirSplat fans!

ACA Demo Day 2013 - Interactive Airsoft Field - Rancho Cucamonga, CA - 3/2/2013

AirSplat attended the ACA Demo Day 2013 and had a blast! Tons of FREE stuff was tossed out and Thor was out on the gladiator ring competiting against airsoft fans! Some great prizes were raffled off like the Echo1 PRI Delta M4, some Lancer Tactical full-faced masks, and a bunch more!

Red vs Blue III - Jericho Airsoft Field - 2/16/2013

AirSplat will be attending Red vs Blue at Jericho Airsoft field on February 16th, 2013. Be on the look out for some AirSplat players on the field and be sure to visit us for some FREE BBs, stickers, and patches! We will also be raffling off a Classic Army SCAR AEG (Retails $189.99)

2013 SHOT Show - Las Vegas - 1/15/2013 - 1/18/2013

AirSplat visited the 2013 SHOT Show in Las Vegas at the Sands Expo and Convention Center on January 15-17. We covered the Shot Show with live feed picture coverage and had the chance to show you some of the newest in firearms, airsoft and military gear out there! Check out our Shot Show Blog for more coverage and pictures!
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