Accuracy Proven™ - Accuracy Testing for AirSoft Guns by AirSplat

AirSplat's Accuracy Proven

Here at AirSplat, we strive to give you as much information as possible about the gun you are about to purchase. We understand that choosing the right airsoft gun can be a strenuous process when it comes to understanding and comparing FPS, range, accuracy, magazine capacity, metal vs. plastic, accessories, etc. That’s why we’ve taken the extra steps to give you complete information about every gun we sell. A big step that we take to make sure our customers are confident about the purchase they make is the AirSplat Accuracy Proven! We offer details on FPS and accuracy that is easily accessible under each item that we offer.

AirSplat is the ONLY airsoft retailer that offers accuracy testing for airsoft guns!

Take a look below at the steps that show how we go above and beyond to give our customers the most ACCURATE information out there! Accuracy Proven is our meticulous and scientific method of measuring each gun model’s capabilities right out of the box. And it’s only available at AirSplat!

AirSplat's Accuracy Proven - The Process

Step 1: Setting up targets for guns based on type and range of gun
We start the process by setting up 8 targets for each new model gun that we are testing. Each category of gun has a designated distance. We test them at 25, 50, 65, and 75 feet, depending on the type of airsoft gun. Airsoft pistols are tested at range of 25ft. Airsoft CQB rifles and SMGs are tested at a range of 50ft. Full-size airsoft rifles have a slightly longer range, and are tested at 65ft. And lastly, airsoft sniper rifles and DMRs are testing at the longest range, which is 75ft. We are committed to making sure these tests are as scientific as possible. We set up our facilities during all accuracy proven measurements to ensure consistency and accuracy in testing across the board regardless of the type or model of gun.

Step 2: Measuring for accuracy by expert marksman
Our in-house marksman then tests the accuracy of each weapon at the proper distance. Accuracy is defined as the diameter of a circle that contains ninety nine percent of the total number of shots aimed at the center of this circle. This percentage is used know the maximum spread of all the shots fired. The recommend standard in measuring accuracy is shooting five groups of five shots each and then measure the extreme spread of each group and average the results. Each variable within our accuracy tests is meticulously controlled so that the results will be as accurate as possible. We set this up in this manner to eliminate any possibilities of human error and other weather or temperature anomalies.

Step 3: Gun chronography to measure velocity (FPS)
Our team then chronographs the airsoft gun. A gun chronograph is an instrument used to measure the velocity of a projectile fired by a gun. A chronograph consists of two sensing areas called chronograph screens, which contain optical sensors that detect the passage of the bullet. The bullet is fired so it passes through both screens, and the time it takes the bullet to travel the distance between the screens is measured electronically. It’s important to chrono the gun so that we can measure and post the most accurate FPS that you should expect right out of the box!

Step 4: Scanning targets and adding to product pages
We then scan the targets and upload the image to the website on the items specific product listing. This way when you shop for guns on our site you can compare guns across a number of factors including range, FPS and accuracy. You’ll know exactly how accurate your airsoft gun is supposed to be right when it arrives at your door step. With our proven and systemic approach to testing and measuring each new model of gun we carry, we can guarantee that you will confident with your purchase as soon as you take it out for some airsoft action!