A&K LMG Airsoft SAW Machine Gun Rifle

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A&K LMG Airsoft SAW Machine Gun Rifle
- Velocity: 380 FPS (0.2 g BB) / Range 160-180 Feet
- Barrel Length: 19.5 inches / 49 cm
- Magazine Capacity: 2500 Rounds
- Bipod Included!
- Solid Metal Construction
- Battery & Charger Included (Small)
- Airsoft Gun Review Available - Click More Info
- Made in China

A&K LMG Airsoft SAW Machine Gun Rifle Manual

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How to adjust the motor engagement:

The A&K LMG Airsoft SAW Machine Gun Rifle is a BEAST! This thing weighs in at just under 20 lbs! It is constructed of all metal to give it its heft and durability. Its included box magazine contains an astonishing 2500 rounds. The bipod is a nice touch and allows you to deploy in prone firing position, or behind a barricade, all while keeping your gun steady and accurate.

If you are looking for a squad automatic weapon (SAW) the A&K LMG Airsoft SAW Machine Gun Rifle may be the best option for you. It features full metal construction and a detailed finish that makes you feel like you are holding the real steel. In addition to the 2400-round box magazine, the A&K LMG has the ability to use standard M4/M16 magazines (just like the Classic Army), so you can share magazines with the rest of your squad. The folding metal bi-pod and full stock with shoulder rest make this SAW ready to lay down cover fire.

Table of Contents:

Real Steel History
Basic Gun Information
First impressions
Gun Specifications

Real Steel History:
The LMG is an air-cooled, gas-operated, fully-automatic-only firearm that fires from an open bolt position. It can accept belts of linked 5.56x45mm NATO (.223) ammunition through the top-mounted feed tray or M16-type magazines through the side-mounted port. The latter allows a SAW gunner to use riflemens' magazines in an emergency if he runs out of belted ammunition, though this often causes jams as the magazine spring cannot adequately keep up with the weapon's high rate of fire. Linked ammunition can be fed from either a loose belt or from a plastic box (or cloth pouch) for 200 rounds, clipped under the receiver. The hard plastic box has issues with being insecurely attached and by producing noise with movement in its standard form. The LMG SAW features a built-in bipod and a tripod-mounting lug for supported fire, as well as a quick change barrel that helps prevent overheating during sustained fire. Barrels are engaged and disengaged by rotating the built-in handle, and a spare is normally carried slung in an "A-bag" by the gunner or his assistant. The forearm is designed to contain a small cleaning kit for field use, though it may not be stored there in practice.

The LMG is a commercial product (law enforcement and military sales only) by FNH USA, not a type classification. It features a metallic, retractable stock and a shorter barrel. It was designed as a paratrooper weapon, although its compact dimensions make it desirable in any combat scenario. The U.S. military did test a short-barreled variant based on a standard LMG , but it would appear short-barreled LMG have been modified to this standard in the field

Additional Information

FPS Range FPS 301-400
Manufacturers A&K
PreOrder Lead Time in Weeks 3 - 6
Battery & Charger Included No
Accuracy Proven No
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