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Real Sword Type 56-2 Airsoft AEG Rifle

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FKT Kydex ID Protector MARPAT


Dragon Industries Airsoft Medical Pouch

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External Upgrades Airsoft Guns

Accessories and upgrade parts for your Airsoft Electric Guns (AEG). Vertical and angled foregrip and pistol grips for better ergonomic and eliminate user fatigue during long games, flip up front and rear sights in case your battery powered optics goes inop, rail covers to to prevent snag and cutting of your fingers, better weapon control under stress, sling mounts for easy transition to your secondary, bipod for a more stable shooting platform, swap out your standard forearm for railed forearm to mount more mission specific equipment.

Airsoft Silencers, Tracers, Flash Hiders

Airsoft Silencers, Tracers, Flash Hiders

Authentic licensed aftermarket metal flash hiders/muzzle brakes and suppressors/silencers can enhance the appearance of your AEG or Airsoft Electric Guns. Some of the silencers can also be used hide the extended the inner barrel of the AEG for increased accuracy and FPS. Useful for players in sniper or DM roles. The tracer are extremely useful for night time or low light ops but must be used with glow in the dark BBs which can be purchased at the Airsoft BB section.


Rail Grips & Vertical Grips

Rail Grips & Vertical Grips

Vertical Grips and Angled Foregrips help the operatior maintain positive fire control when using a weapon. Angled grips and vertical grips allow for ease of use in operation and are meant for a stable mobile platform while shooting and moving. They can be made from ABS plastic, fiber reinforced Nylon polycarbonates, or have full metal aluminum or steel components and the ability to store batteries or small tools.


Bipods, Sights, Metal Bodies, & Misc

Bipods, Sights, Metal Bodies, & Misc

Custom rail mounted front and rear sights allow for the most personal of sighting options. The highest end sights are flip-up capable, which can be used in conjunction with long range or short range scopes. Bipods add shooting stability for Snipers and Marksmen. Some bipods are rail mounted, or can fit on the front swivel sling mount of a rifle or M4. Metal bodies add to the realism and durability of an airsoft AEG rifle. Custom sling mounts allow for extra durability on these high wear components, and can replace broken OEM parts. Upgrades are recommended as a preventative measure.


Airsoft RIS Rail Upgrades & Barrel

Airsoft RIS Rail Upgrades & Barrel

These are the largest components you can use to change the external appearance of your airsoft AEG rifle. RIS rails allow for the attachment of external accessories to an airsoft gun. Rail Covers allow rails not in use to be covered to either protect players without gloves, or to add a custom look to an airsoft rifle. Rails are either held into place by the delta ring or screwed onto the receiver in a free-float configuration. Outer barrels fit over the inner barrel and are locked onto the reciever via a delta ring component.


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