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SW M&P9 Black Ultimate Pistol Package

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KSC G19 Gas Airsoft Blowback Gun Pistol

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G18 G19 Airsoft Guns
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Model: G19 Gas Airsoft Pistol
Written Review  - Click on Picture of Airsoft Gun to Read Review Accuracy Proven - Click on Picture of Airsoft Gun for Target

KSC G19 Gas Airsoft Blowback Gun Pistol
- Velocity: 320 FPS (0.2 g BB) / Range 70-90 feet
- Barrel Length: 4 inches / 10 cm
- Magazine Capacity: 25 Rounds
- Full Metal Slide
- Realistic Field Strip
- Airsoft Gun Review Available - Click More Info
- Made in Taiwan

KSC G19 Gas Pistol Manual

In the wide world of air guns, and especially gas guns, KSC is a recognized leader with years of experience and plenty of state-of-the-art products to prove it. Their 1:1 scale guns are superbly detailed, and feature a gas blow back full stroke and full open system, real live short recoil, a drop slider loading process, an excellent piston unit, a quick detachable metal magazine, as well as unmatched effectiveness at ranges of 30 to 40 feet! Wait till you get one of these beauties in your hands - with its realistic weight and look you'll be loathe to let it go.

Differences between KSC and KWA:
The only difference is the box, both KSC and KWA are in fact the same, they are made in the same factory in Taiwan to exactly the same specifications. This is contrary to what some people believe in that KSC guns are made in Japan. However it is confusing as KSC have made it so that only KSC and not KWA guns are exported to Japan. Whereas KWA can be exported to every other country, in general a KSC gun is more expensive partly due to the cost of first shipping the gun to Japan. Some other differences are a more robust design in the KWA's, which incorporate metal slide and barrels.

The KSC / KWA G19 Airsoft Pistol Review - Click for more reviews


The KWA G19 is the exact same model of the KWA G17 and the G23F model. The only difference is the external features of it as well as the mag bottom.

The KSC G17 has been benchmarked as a gun that is cost-efficient and performs great. Similar to the real weapon where it was modeled from, it is reliable, accurate, inexpensive, and highly popular. The G19s, which is the logical progression of the G17, came out to the market in its airsoft form. The KSC G19 Gas Airsoft Blowback retained all the positive aspects of its older model adding an attractive heavyweight frame and a proportional profile. The KWA G19 airsoft pistol is said to be the best airsoft gas blowback gun in the market today.

In this article, the G19 line will be discussed in depth and going over the specifics of the KWA G19 airsoft gun, to give the readers a better view of the pistol.

Unit Specifications:

The G19 is customized with parts made from AirSplat's in house customization team. The gun that will be specifically scrutinized in this article include the KSC G19, a TW metal slide and barrel set, as well as the Hurricane G19 upgrade spring kit consisting of hammer spring, floating valve, high-flow valve, and recoil spring and guide rod. The G19 line is a highly accurate representation of the customized KWA G19 arisoft gun that is reviewed.

KWA G19 Airsoft Gun's Design and Looks:

Although it is firm enough not to cause any noticeable difference in performance. The chamber suspends when the slide moves backward and locks back into position once it returns. This action is smooth and does not cause any lockup unlike the KJW USP pistol. One nitpicky flaw about the KWA G19 guns is the way the front slide is cut, leaving a gap on the barrel which is unsightly. Although this does not get in the way of performance as well.

The slide and the barrel of the KWA G19 pistols has an attractive black paint finish but it scratches off fairly quickly. After a few months of usage, signs of wear may show. However, with much care, the wear should be slowed. The coating of the barrel is quite attractive when polished and gives a fairly light gloss.

Cycling the slides manually creates a satisfactory metallic noise for the KWA G19 airsoft guns compare to the plastic sound that the KSC ABS slide makes. The KWA guns are an exceptional improvement with its metal slides compare to the plastic ones on the G19 and the G17 OEM.

The KWA G19 Magazine:

The hi-cap, black colored metal magazine (sold separately) has a nice heft to it. The base is matte black and is made of plastic material. It is latched in place by a plug that is pushed down by the main spring.

Filling the magazine is simple. There is a latch towards the top of the magazine near where the BBs are fed in. Using a fingernail, pull the latch down until it securely stays in place towards the bottom of the magazine. This makes it possible to fill the mag well with 0.2g BB pellets. It can be done manually or with the help of a plastic funnel provided in the package.

On the other side of the latch, there are two columns of indentations which are numbered, giving a good realistic impression of the actual pistol.. With the real 9mm, this is what indicates how many more shots the gun has.

Build Quality:

The frame for the KWA G19 gas airsoft gun went through great improvements over the old models. It is contrasting of the original KWA G17 gas blowback gun which is made of black textured plastic material. With the G19 model, it is manufactured with heavyweight material that is said to be a mixture of plastic and metallic powder. It can stand temperature changes unlike conventional plastics and the texture is very pleasing to touch.

The design of the frame is very adequate. It contains grooves that securely fits the fingers perfectly. It also has a comfortable thumb rest making it possble to grip the gun firmly. The button for the mag release is within reach facilitating the ejection of the magazine. The thickness of the material helps disguise the lines and maintains the image of sturdiness, bringing a solid appearance that is lacking with most of other spring or stock gas guns.

The rails of the KWA G19 is made from the same material as the frame. It is also strong and sturdy making it more secure to attach a tight-fitting optical sighting or illumination accessories such as an NC Star Weaver Rail Laser Sight & Light . It gives an assurance of security that KSC M9 or Western Arms 1911 do not have.

KWA G19 Gun Sighting:

The front and rear sights for the KWA G19 has an exact dimension duplicates from the real factory gun. Therefore, aftermarket adjustable target sights can be substituted in place of the OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer) ones for instance NC Star Tactical Weaver Rail Laser Sight. Both the front and rear sight is held in place by the split arms pushed against the top of the the slide by a plastic wedge even though the design of the rear sight is a bit different. On the KSC OEM, the rear sight seems to be one piece of plastic with white painted markings on it. In comparison to the real ones, the markings seem to be made of a thin sheet of plastic that is slightly off-white in color. The real ones also has a metal sheet of unknown purpose that is attached inside. The front sight seems to be set in place firmly. A typical wear on the item does not dislodge it from a well-fitting holder, however the rear sights can quickly become loose under some circustances since it is only held firmly in place by friction. Because of this, it is recommended to superglue the rear sight in place or use Loctite.

Hop up and other Design notes:

KWA G19 airsof t guns are equipped with adjustable hop-up that is designed similary to the Beretta series. The system is very well designed allowing for a very consistent spin. Adjustable hopup is quite a nice feature to have since that BBs vary in weight.

The hop-up is adjustable by pulling back the slide and inserting the provided key to the adjust the groves inside the chamber. The design of the new KWA G19 provides indentations all around in contrast with the previous G17 model which only has 2 grooves. This modification allows slightly easier and faster access. However, many has mentioned that this hop-up design is prone to shift in the long run and undependable.

The design of the G19 is simple and elegant. Although taking it down is quite a hassle. The springs are well positioned, and all of the other parts are metal which is strong and resilient. However, in comparison to the M9 Spring Airsoft handgun, the G19 is hardly a high-stress area.

The trigger spring on the G19 does not seem to be a problem. The internal hammer assembly cycles very crisply just like the ones in Marui or KJW design. The recoil spring and guide rod assembly is especially well designed. It is one self-contained all-metal assembly. The recoil spring is contained within the guide rod and does not fly out easily. This is very nice especially during quick disassembly and reassembly of the gun.

The blowback chamber is held in place by a screw that needs to be tightened from time to time. Otherwise, the gun will not cycle properly. The chamber contains two springs that help cycle it. This is especially helpful as spring can easily be caught on the blowback chamber and easily get bent when reassembling and the gun making it work with only one spring. The cylinder is made of plastic material and contains the floating valve to direct gas towards either propelling the BB out of the barrel or towards cycling the slide. The stock floating valve is also made of plastic. Even though both are plastic made, it does not affect the durability of the parts for it is hard to imagine the floating valve breaking. The internal assemblies is held together by the internal metal skeleton along much of the frame. This helps provide the strength of the frame as well as the heft.

The KWA G19 airsoft guns do not have a trigger safety switch, therefore it does not have that central bar that prevents the trigger from being depressed. The gun can be upgraded using the KWA G19 Upgrade kit however to add this switch.

Two other things to note about the KWA G19 airsoft gun. First is the magazine release. It is of plastic material which is the same as the frame's. It may not have the satisfying sound that the metal ones create, it is more than enough to do the task. The part can also be replaced by a metal one but the process of taking it out can be quite a pain.

The last one to note about the KWA G19 is the slide stop lever. It is very well designed and attractive. The positioning makes it easy to manipulate and it does not allow to get it snagged on anything. The ledge where this piece connects to the magazine gets occassionaly bent and needs minor adjustments from time to time. If it is not done so, it is hard to catch the slide when the mag is empty.


The KWA G19 guns are very comfortable to hold and shoot. The pistol feels natural when pointed and allows fast reaction shots. The only drawback however is the lack of safety. The thin grip is enough to allow varying size of hands to grasp it. Tactical gloves such as Tac Force AirSoft Neoprene Gloves can also be used with no problem. It still allows access to other controls. The magazine can be reloaded fairly quickly due to the fat dimension of the magazine as well as the smooth walls of the mag well. It is generally easy to push the it into the frame in comparison to other guns like Marui Mk.23 NBB. Also as mentioned, the magazine release protrude from the otherwise flat frame which makes it easy to press onto and losing the magazine in the process. This is especially true while crawling in a battle.

5/5 - Very sweet.

Build Quality
4/5 - Lack of trademarks.

Value for Money
4/5 - Good bang for the buck!

Overall Potential
5/5 - Perfect!

KWA G19 Pros and Cons:

The lack of safety trigger for one is the one of the complaints for this pistol. If so, go for the KSC G19 which has the feature. Also, the mold lines and the lack of trademarks on the frame is a small point of criticism. However, there are too many pros about this gun that the cons seems very minimal.


The KWA G19 is especially great. Despite the lack of trademarks, the performance of the KWA G19 is no doubt one of the best. The metal-slide quipdded KWA G19 is surely the best airsoft pistol for CQBs.

This airsoft gun is not to be misrepresented as a real firearm or gun that is manufactured by Glock and is merely an airsoft gun that fires 6mm pellets. The manufacturer of this airsoft gun is KWA.

Free Tune Up Service:1 Year(s)
Return for refund:15 Day(s)
Return for repair/replacement:60 Day(s)
More Information About The Best Airsoft Return Policy


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