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VFC HK416 C Gas Blowback Rifle

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Action Custom SL-MK4 Full Metal AEG

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KSC G18C Full Auto Gas Airsoft Gun G18

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G18 G19 Airsoft Guns
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Model: G18C Gas Airsoft Pistol
Written Review  - Click on Picture of Airsoft Gun to Read Review Accuracy Proven - Click on Picture of Airsoft Gun for Target

KSC G18C Full Auto Gas Airsoft Gun G18
- Velocity: 320 FPS (0.2 g BB) / Range 70-90 feet
- Barrel Length: 5 inches / 12 cm
- Magazine Capacity: 25 Rounds
- Full Metal Slide
- Full Auto
- Accuracy Proven
- Airsoft Gun Review Available. Click More Info.
- Made in Taiwan

KWA G18C Full Auto Gas Pistol Manual

The KSC G18C is another very popular model. It is perhaps the most popular full auto pistol in Airsoft history. It's built on a sturdy platform and offers consistent shots both in semi and full auto modes of fire. It features a selector switch that allows you to choose between safe, auto and semi.

The G18C Airsoft Pistol


Also known as G18C, the G18C is a select fire pistol. The design of this pistol is capable of firing in either full auto or semi. It can take many different calibres including .45ACP by simply changing the outer and inner barrel of the pistol. The G18C is widely used in armies and ops groups worldwide. In this article, the G18C will be explored giving an in-depth view of the gun from accessories and enhancements to disassembly.

The Legal Version Breakdown of the G series pistols: There are three variations of the G Series pistols. They are:

  • The G18C: Can fire with either full-auto or semi. It can take many different calibres.
  • The G17: Has the same dimensions of G18C but does not have the option of fire select or vented barrel
  • The G26: A short-barrelled version of the G18C

  • KWA / KSC is the Japanese creator of G-18C. One interesting thing to note is that even though KSC / KWA is a Japanese company, G18C is made in Taiwan. This, perhaps, is due to inexpensive labor. However, it does not mean that the quality of the Taiwan-made G18C airsoft pistols are downgraded.

    The standard G18C has a plastic slide and barrel of high quality. With the G18C model replica, it is upgraded with metal slide & outer barrel. It also comes with a bore-up kit containing a stiffer recoil spring, bore up valve, and harder recoil guide.

    First Impressions for G18C:

    The first noticeable thing about the G18C is that it is smaller compare to Desert Eagle guns. The replica of the G18C pistol has a good quality finish on both the frame and metal slide. The frame contains engravings finely etched as G18C. "G18C, 9X19" is etched onto the left side of the slide, and "CQB911" is the matching serial number that is the engraved on bottom of the barrel. Another serial number for the outer barrel is etched just above the other one.

    The gun is a very accurate copy of the real gun. Similar to the real G-18C, its outer barrel is ported and the slide is vented to reduce mass, hence the cycle rates on full auto.

    The frame is made of sturdy ABS plastic. It has a good thumb rest found on top of the grip making it comfortable to hold the pistol with either the left or the right hand. The replica feels heavier to hold than it really is. This is due to its small frame and evenly distributed weight, making the G18C a fairly balanced replica to hold.

    With the metal upgrades, the G18C weighs about 700g since about 300g of metal weight is added to it making it almost the same weight as the real 18C.

    The trigger consists of two plastic parts. One is the main trigger. The other one is the middle bit that serves as one of the pistol's safety. The G18C replica is quite an ingenius design, keeping the pistol from firing accidental shots. The trigger is pulled only when the middle section is pressed, taking the main trigger body along with it.

    The G-18C has three positions for its selector switch. They are upper-semi, middle-safe, and lower full-auto. The G18C model has an accessory rails at the front of the frame that will take in many real steel accessories including an NC Star Weaver Rail Laser Sight & Light. For those who are in a tight budget, many alternatiive accessories can be purchased from various airsoft companies.

    One flaw with the G18C replica, however, is that the outer barrel is fairly loose and rattles against the metal side, especially when rapidly moving the pistol from side to side. This mostly occurs with the 18C's metal barrel and slide.

    Working with the G18C:

    The safety and firing for this pistol may seem complicated but it gets easier after a while. The mag well is the initial point of this portion of the article. First is filling up the magazine with gas. The KSC G series has a nice feature that most gas blowback do not have. This is the plastic base plate covering the valve. To reveal this valve, pull back the small bar down and pull the plate.

    Fill the mag with the HFC Green Gas. Note that it is recommended to fill replicas such as the G18C with internal and external upgrades with HFC Green Gas only. Alternately, HFC 134A or HFC 22 (American Eagle) can be used, however it may not allow the cycle to slide properly for some upgrades. The G18C does not have a tool that allows the mag to be loaded. This is done manually. First, pull the spring loader down until it locks in place, then start feeding the mag with 0.2g BB pellets, 23 maximum. This process can be a bit of a hassle as the mechanism may jam if not properly loaded. Release the spring loader when done and insert the mag back into the pistol.

    Firing the G-18C:

    Pull back the slide and hold it in the lock-back position by pushing up on the slide locker and releasing the slide so the slide locker holds it back. Turn the selector switch to either full or auto setting depending on the desired mode. Release the slide which chambers a BB pellet. The trigger will now change state from the rear position to the shooting position. If the switch is on the semi mode, the pistols shoot one pellet per slide. If it is on full automatic mode, the BBs will keep shooting until the trigger is released. The slide then locks back once the magazine is out of 0.2g BB pellets.

    Note The Safeties:

    The G-18C has a fairly complex safety mechanism. The replica has an internal hammer, but does not have a decocking lever. When the hammer is cocked the trigger is in forward position. When the hammer is not cocked the trigger is pressed against the back of the the trigger well. This is an excellent way to tell whether the hammer is locked into position or not. To put the G18C on safe, the slide has to be in the locked back position turning the selector switch to safe. Release the slide and the pistol is in safe, but still cocked. The second safety for the G-18C is on the actual trigger, just pull up the midle piece of the trigger. The back is resting on the trigger well, so it is not possible to fire the pistol. Therefore, it seems the default position is cocked as if there are two safeties.

    Hop Up:

    The hop up can be adjusted using the tool provided. Pull the slide back first, then insert the tool on the outer part of the barrel. For more hop up, turn the tool counterclockwise and for less, turn it clockwise. Make sure to take the hop up out of the box before tuning it. This will ensure the maximum adjustment, otherwise the BBs may rank up into the sky when fired.

    G-18C Disassembly:

    The takedown of the G18C replica is simple. First take the mag out, there will be two little notches that is found just forward of the trigger guard on the frame. Pull those notches out then push the slide forward. Take the recoil spring out in order to take the outer and inner barrel out. Pull the outer barrel first making it easy to pull the inner barrel out. When all of these parts are out, the disassmbly is done. This is all it takes to takedown this G18C pistol.

    Shooting the G18C:

    Most of the long barreled replicas seem to shoot further and more accurately in comparison to the shorter barreled gas blowback pistols.

    The slide for the G18C Gas Blowback Pistol creates the smooth but sharp noise when the pistol is fired. On the semi mode, the gun crisply cycles but with a hard recoil. The BBs shoot out with high accuracy, reaching a distance of over 120 feet. This is fairly good for a replica.With the upgrade, the G18C can even reach up to 160 feet of target with the hop up set to the right postition.

    The BBs can be fired in a period of 2 seconds continuously with the full auto mode while holding the trigger and shooting them all one by one. It takes up less time for the cycle but the recoil for this mode is less accurate. It does not do well with the longer range targets but is adequate with shorter ones reaching about 30 feet. In comparison with Marui's 1000 type motor however it is far faster.

    The sleek metal slide for this G-18C is far better than the a plastic one, giving the feeling of security since the slide flies back and forth at a 1600 rpm. For the mag, it would be recommended to invest on a high capacity 50-round magazine to last longer since the mags that come with the packaging for this G18C may only contain 23 rounds.

    In terms of the gas usage, this G18C can take upto about 2 sets of 25-round gas blowback magazine with the automatic mode and upto 3 sets for the semi mode. It takes up more gas for the auto mode however, and as usual, the slide locks back when the mag is empty.

    The 18C model fits nicely on a thigh holster. Many have had good reviews about the gun. This G18C model has been highly regarded as an excellent "room-clearing" weapon in Close Quarter Battles (CQB).

    G18C Accessories and Enhancements:

    There are many after market accessories. They range from the the threaded barrels for silencers, lasers, flashlights, to extended magazines and scopes. A good recommendation however is the kit for the stock G18C replica. Besides the cosmetic purposes for the pistols to make it look good, it may improve the accuracy.

    4/5 - its not a stunner but it is nice

    Build Quality
    4/5 - Shame about that rattle

    5/5 - Full auto pleasure!

    Value for Money
    5/5 - Good bang for the buck!

    Overall Potential
    4/5 - Go and get one!

    G18C Cons:
    The con for this G-18C replica is the fairly loose outer barrel that rattles against the metal slide when moving it rapidly from side to side, however the pros outweighs the cons.


    Based on the review, the G18C stands up on its own. Its fire select mode is something not to be missed. It is one of the best quality full auto Gas Blowback so far.

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    This airsoft gun is not to be misrepresented as a real firearm or gun that is manufactured by Glock and is merely an airsoft gun that fires 6mm pellets. The manufacturer of this airsoft gun is KWA.

    Free Tune Up Service:1 Year(s)
    Return for refund:15 Day(s)
    Return for repair/replacement:60 Day(s)
    More Information About The Best Airsoft Return Policy


    KWA ATP G17 G18C Airsoft GBB Magazine

    KWA ATP G17 G18C Airsoft GBB Magazine

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    ATP / KSC G17 G18 G19 Hi-Cap Magazine

    ATP / KSC G17 G18 G19 Hi-Cap Magazine

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    Airsoft 6mm BB 0.2g 1Kg 5,000 Pellet Bag

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    KSC G17 Gas Airsoft Blowback Gun Pistol

    KSC G17 Gas Airsoft Blowback Gun Pistol

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    KSC G19 Gas Airsoft Blowback Gun Pistol

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