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A&K MK43 M60 Airsoft Rifle Machine Gun

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M249 M60 MK43 LMG Airsoft Support Rifle
Airsoft Manufacturers:
Stock: Yes & Ships w/in 24Hrs*
Model: M60 MK43 Airsoft Rifle
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A&K MK43 M60 Airsoft Rifle Machine Gun
- Velocity: 380 FPS (0.2 g BB) / Range 160-180 Feet
- Barrel Length: 17.5 inches / 44 cm
- Magazine Capacity: 3500 Rounds
- Overall Length: 30 inches
- MOSFET Adjustable Rate of Fire (ROF)
- Bipod Included!
- Solid Metal Construction
- Battery & Charger Not Included (Small)
- Made in China

A&K MK43 M60 Airsoft AEG Machine Gun Manual

Please visit our Airsoft Maintenance page for information and videos.

How to adjust the motor engagement:

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The A&K MK43 M60 is HUGE gun! This thing weighs almost 20 lbs, it's a good thing that it has an included carry handle. A unique feature of this gun is that you can adjust the rate of fire on this thing. The stock features a shoulder support for steadier handling and it has an integrated bipod included for stability and fatigue reduction. Its super high capacity 3500 Round Box Magazine doubles as the battery container and is securely mounted to the gun.

A&K M60E4

The M60E4 is, as of June 2009, the latest variant of the M60 light machine gun family, used by the United States military as a support weapon for suppressive fire, mounted on trucks, tanks, and helicopters. A&K has taken the naval version of the M60E4, the Mk 43 Mod 0, and created a well crafted, sturdy replica that is sure to satisfy.

Basic Information
The gun is manufactured by A&K. Being as how I've never owned a support weapon, I was very interested in the features rumored to be included in the gun.

Product Description/First Impressions:
When the gun finally arrived, I opened the package to reveal the beastly M60. The gun is a steely grey, with dark grey furniture. The orange on the tip is also simply glazed on, and has already begun to chip off. A few minutes of work and it could be removed.

The most prominent aspect that left an impression on me was the weight of the gun. All I can say is that a strap is mandatory if the gun is to be carried over any sort of distance. UPS said my package weighed 18lbs even, so taking away the packaging and a few AEG springs I ordered, I have to put this gun somewhere around 15 lbs.

The trademarks are amazing, simply put. They are realistic and add a very nice touch to what could have been a dull surface texture.



The gun comes with a cleaning rod, the Engrish manual (that happens to have very nice pictures), and a small MOSFET bypass connector.


The gun also comes with a very interesting box magazine, which will be discussed in the next section.

If I had to pick one word to describe this gun, it would be "adjustable". Because that is exactly what this gun is, completely and utterly adjustable. No matter how I'm shooting the gun, if I feel uncomfortable in some way, I can adjust something to make it better.

Adjustable bipod

Pieces that are easily adjustable
Front sight windage
Rear sight windage
Rear sight elevation
Carry handle
Bipod position
Bipod elevation
Hop Up
Magazine feeding style
Rate of fire

Notice the last item on the list, rate of fire. That's right, the rate of which the weapon cycles and fires. Through a built in MOSFET that comes pre-installed in the gun, the operator is able to adjust the rate of fire of the M60 from the speed of low-powered gravity fed gun, up to a rapid 14 rounds per second, by twisting the end of the gas tube.

The gun's Hop Up is easily adjusted by lifting the feed tray and exposing the metal adjustment wheel.

Hop Up adjuster

The gun is almost entirely metal. The only parts that are not made of what feels to be high-quality metal are the forward grip, pistol grip, and the shoulder stock (minus the metal buttplate), with the carry handle grip made of high-quality rubber. Everything else is made of metal, which means that although heavy, this gun is not going to break anytime soon. As if all metal construction weren't enough, the gun is ultra-realistic, with a mock bolt that stays locked open when pulled, all the adjustable parts, and even mock cartridge feeding wheels in the gun's ammunition port, where real 7.62mm cartridges would fit.

The break down of external parts is:

Pistol Grip
Forward grip
Shoulder stock shell

Everything else

The take down procedure for the M60 is incredibly simple, which pleases me very much. The only tool required to get the gearbox out of the gun is a small hex key. After removing four screws, a small piece of metal that holds on the shoulder stock, and the shoulder stock itself, the gearbox can be simply lifted out, unplugging it from the gun completely. No wires, no mess, no hassle.

Simple takedown

As if that weren't enough, a button on the outside of the gearbox releases the mainspring, allowing a mainspring change or inspection without ever having to open the gear box at all.

Mainspring release button

The gearbox itself is metal, and is definitely not a simple version 2 or 3 thrown in an M60 shell. It is not a conventional gearbox, and most likely is unique to the M60, or at least the SAW product line, including the M249.

From the outside the gears can be seen, and I can tell they are metal and will probably last a while. The bushings also appear to be metal. The air nozzle is clear, yellowish plastic, much like on other AEGs. Other than that, I dare not open the gearbox because it is foreign to me and seems complicated inside. And with metal bushings and good gears inside already, the spring release button is all that really needs to be tampered with.

The only other internal part that should have attention is the MOSFET. Using the included bypass connector, the MOSFET can be bypassed, allowing for the greatest maximum rate of fire. This is supposedly done by flipping the barrel release lever and simply removing the barrel. However, no matter how hard I try, I cannot seem to get the barrel off. There must be an extra step after flipping the barrel release lever that I am missing. But since the rate of fire is already satisfactory, I'm not that concerned.

MOSEFT bypass connector

Oh, and the inner barrel is brass.


Included box magazine

The box magazine included with the gun is an auto winding one to feed the 2000 bbs that can fit inside. However, unlike other sound activated winding box magazines, this one is actually powered by the battery of the M60 itself. The magazine has three settings.

The first is "Off". It's not hard to guess what this setting does.

The second is "Auto". This winds the magazine constantly, feeding bbs through the feed tube until no more will fit, and then winding the spring as if the operator were constantly winding the hicap.

The third is the most important function, and what sets this gun apart from the rest; "Continuum". This function winds the magazine as the trigger is pulled. This translates into the gun winding only when the weapon is being fired, meaning no over-winding. A vast improvement over the sound-activated box magazines that could be triggered by any loud nearby sounds. The magazine also looks nicer in my opinion; it is black plastic within a durable OD green canvas pouch.

The magazine feeds flawlessly on "Continuum", as I have yet to have a single jam or misfire through the entire capacity. Reloading the gun is where a two man team would really come in handy; the trap door of the box magazine is closed with a spring, meaning it must be held open the entire time while filling. This can get difficult to do with only one person. And forget about simply changing out magazines; first of all, to my knowledge there are no aftermarket ones anyways, and secondly it takes at least a couple minutes to attach/detach the magazine, meaning filling the empty one that is already attached would actually be faster than doing a magazine change.

Performance Characteristics:
All testing was done with .20g ammunition and a Matrix Tenergy 9.6v 1600mAH battery. Rate of fire testing was completed with a microphone and sound software.

The gun's rate of fire clocks in at around 14 rounds per second with the stock spring, with the MOSFET at the highest setting. According to the Poor Man's Chronograph, the gun fires at around 370fps, as the shot is able to blow through both sides of a coke can, and is extremely close to penetrating the center bottom.

I was constantly frustrated trying to obtain an accurate Poor Man's Chronogaph reading from the M60 because the gun is fully automatic only. I ended up using at least six coke cans that had been peppered accidentally until I was able to squeeze off only one round for a reading. But the lack of semiautomatic isn't a problem, firstly because the real steel gun doesn't have it, and secondly it's not like a player that's wielding an M60 will be taking single shots anyways.

The gearbox sounds smooth and responsive when firing, and is surprisingly quiet. The rapid rate of fire is intimidating, but to make it even more so, some kind of noise modification could be in order.

With the Hop Up adjusted correctly, the machine gun is accurate out to around 150ft before the bb begins to drop significantly. Accuracy is another story, but then again this is a suppressive fire weapon, and accuracy isn't exactly the concern.

Grouping at 25ft using bipod

The groupings steadily get wider out past 25ft, but again, as this is a suppressive fire weapon, this could be viewed as a good thing.

Because the gun comes with an excellent bipod already, the only modifications to be done are purely cosmetic, but worth the effort.

A fake chain of bullets to complete the "look" of the weapon is the first thing that comes to mind. There's plenty of room inside the canvas magazine bag to tuck a mock bullet chain. Also, although the M60 does fire from the open bolt position, some kind of spring and latch could be rigged to the bolt for a more satisfying pull.

Bolt pulled halfway back

If lasers, flashlights, or, for whatever reason, a scope is to be mounted on, custom rails must be drilled or attached to the weapon.

The gun already comes with a MOSFET, MOSFET bypass connector, and a good mainspring, so there isn't much that needs immediate attention. All parts seem to be Mauri gearbox compatible though, so upgrades are possible. A tightbore barrel is probably a good idea if high accuracy is desired.

Due to the quick mainspring release system on the gearbox, a high speed or high power setup would be very easy to install. The gun already has metal bushings, so there's no worry there.

Skirmish Results
Coming Soon.

The gun is amazing, and is much more than I had expected. Although it carried the heavy price tag of $300, it was well worth it as the M60 is not a conventional weapon at all. All the extra high quality features add to what would have been a fine weapon otherwise, but the MOSFET and incredible aesthetics put the gun over the top in terms of quality.

Nearly completely metal construction
Easy to remove orange glazed tip
Great box magazine
Metal bushings
Metal gears
Tokyo Mauri gearbox parts compatible
$300 (way less than $2000 for a TOP M60)
Around 370fps stock
Adjustable MOSEFT
14 rounds per second
Quick mainspring change system
Extremely simple takedown
Reliable trigger activated box magazine
Extremely realistic and fun to play with

No aftermarket magazines yet
$300 (more than most clones)
Extremely heavy
Mock bolt is somewhat dissatisfying

End Notes:
There has been some reports on YouTube that this gun fires at 290fps. My results are very inconsistent with this, showing around 370fps.

I'd like to thank Airsoft Retreat for being such a wonderful source of Airsoft information, and the Administrators and Moderators of the forums for continuing to provide such an excellent service. Now please enjoy these pictures of a well-crafted weapon.

Open feed tray

View of a gunner

Flip up shoulder support next to rear sling mount

Written by mario1286 from Airsoft Retreat, 6/23/2009

The M60 (formally the United States Machine Gun, Caliber 7.62 mm, M60) is a family of American general purpose machine guns firing 7.62x51mm NATO cartridges from a disintegrating belt of M13 links. It can fire three types of ammunition: ball, tracer, and armor piercing.

Introduced in 1957, it has served with every branch of the U.S military and still serves with other armed forces. Its manufacture and continued upgrade for military and commercial purchase continues into the 21st century though it has been replaced or supplemented in most roles by other designs, notably the M240 in U.S service.

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This airsoft gun is not to be misrepresented as a real firearm or gun that is manufactured by Saco Defense and is merely an airsoft gun that fires 6mm pellets. The manufacturer of this airsoft gun is A&K.

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