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Classic Army SCAR Light AEG Airsoft Gun

Classic Army SCAR Light AEG Airsoft Gun
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Item Code: ERA-CA-SCAR-020
Airsoft Guns Styles: Misc Airsoft Rifle
Airsoft Manufacturers: CA (Classic Army)
Model: CA SCAR AEG Airsoft Rifle

Classic Army SCAR Light AEG Airsoft Gun
- Velocity: 350 FPS (0.2 g BB) / Range 160-180 Feet
- Barrel Length: 17 inches / 43 cm
- Magazine Capacity: 300 Rounds
- Integrated Rail System
- CNC cut Upper for Quality
- Battery and Charger Not Included
- Airsoft Gun Review Available - Click More Info
- FREE AI MAGAZINE W/ PURCHASE OF CA AEG (while supplies last)
- Made in Hong Kong
Airsoft Owner's Manuals & Instructions

The Classic Army Scar L is spectacular rifle. The upper is CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machined for precise cuts for quality assurance. This model features flip up front and rear sights. The stock is a multi-position folding stock that allows for both comfort and mobility. It has a full accessory rail system for mounting of any accessories or optics.

Airsoft Classic Army SCAR-L

Airsoft Classic Army SCAR-L
Technical Specs :

Model: FN-SCAR-L

Manufacturer: Classic Army (CA)

Weight: Empty: 7.38lbs
Loaded: 8.28lbs (9.6 mini batt and Magazine)

Features of Interior Airsoft Classic Army SCAR-L

-Reinforced 7mm Gearbox: The 7mm Classic Army Scar-l mechbox, is the current top of the heap from the CA line up. 7mm bearing bushings, and a very smooth and well cast box.
Airsoft Classic Army SCAR-LAirsoft Classic Army SCAR-L
Airsoft Classic Army SCAR-LAirsoft Classic Army SCAR-L

Why this is important: The defining characteristic of a reinforced mechbox is with the thickness of metal near the front of the box as well as surrounding the gears themselves. The extra metal support at the rear of the box removes any flex or binding with the gears themselves, while the front is stronger to withstand a heavier spring impacting the cylinderhead.

-Factory 7mm bearing-bushings: Nice precision bushings. I have yet to see one fail under a normal 1.49j load.

Why this is important: The factory installed 7mm bearing-bushings run very smoothly, and will not wear out from axle friction like a standard plastic or metal bushing.

Plastic bushings tend to fracture or warp and will not withstand the stress of higher tension springs.

Metal bushings are great, but create more friction creating stress on the gearbox and lowering the rate of fire. Another thing to note, is that bushings also begin to wear on the inner diameter with the first turn of the gear axle. Over time (likely a LONG time), freeplay will form and a likely failure will occur in the mechbox.

-Unique Selector set-up: The SCAR-L uses an ambidexterous safety that is gear driven
Airsoft Classic Army SCAR-LAirsoft Classic Army SCAR-L
Airsoft Classic Army SCAR-L

Why this is important: The design is similar to any of the ambidexterous safeties, but there is one major difference. When disassembling the rifle down to the mechbox, you must pry the sides of the lower receiver slightly to free the mechbox. I'm not really pleased with this design. There should have been more thought put into this on CA's end. Repeated disassembly points toward broken teeth on the mechbox gear or on the selector gear.

-1J Spring: The slightly heavier spring provides that extra 50ft in range over an M90 type spring.
Airsoft Classic Army SCAR-L
Why this is important: You have enough to play outside and have at least some range, but are also limiting the impact for CQC.

-Factory smooth bore nozzle: It is an extended nozzle and appears to be SCAR/M-14 specific and SR-25 may also use it. It is smooth bored and well molded.
Airsoft Classic Army SCAR-LAirsoft Classic Army SCAR-L
Airsoft Classic Army SCAR-L

Why this is important: This type of nozzle has better airflow characteristics thus being more efficient than the "cross" type nozzles. Classic Army Scar-l is great with production parts support, but aftermarket parts support will be limited as with any specialized part for a standardized gearbox.

-New type hop-up unit: The new design is good, but the functionality of the Classic Army Scar-l hop-up bucking falls short. It is a hybrid between an M16 type and an ICS M16 type. It holds its setting very well.
Airsoft Classic Army SCAR-L

Why this is important: The new hop-up unit design uses a dial type hopup adjustment similar to the ICS M16 series. It has a very stiff rotation which will help stop any backing off during play. This I feel is an improvement over the standard one piece hop-up's small dial, this is easier to control incrementally due to the size of the adjustment knob, and hold "zero" more consisitently.

*The hop-up buckings, like all Classic Army Scar-l hop-up buckings, should be replaced. Guarder, Systema, or any of the top manufacturers are a solid choice and you'll see a marked improvement in consistency and adjustability.

-Ball bearing spring guide: Another nice after market feature that comes stock. In the past lower line spring guides were included. With the Classic Army Scar-l it is a top shelf model. It should be serviceable for the length of the replica's gaming life.
Airsoft Classic Army SCAR-LAirsoft Classic Army SCAR-L

Why this is important: With a bearing spring guide the adavantage is two-fold. Firstly, the base of the spring guide isn't using a friction type metal washer against plastic. Over time the metal washer will wear through the plastic spring guide and break the rear off allowing the spring to bind and fail. The CA factory option utilizes a bearing "plate" and two washers sandwiching it. This removes any wear on the bottom plate of the spring guide, making it a far more serviceable option for the mechbox. Secondly, there is not binding when the spring compresses. The bearing will allow the spring to coil and uncoil without excessive pressure. With a standard spring guide (plastic/one metal washer) the friction, over time, can weaken the coils and fracture the spring causing a mechbox failure.

-Silicone low-resistance wires: Nothing like keeping the heat down. Classic Army Scar-l was one of the first to use this type of wiring from the factory. It has a softer sheathing and is more pliable than the traditional low-resistance wires from Systema. In the M16 type grip it is a tighter fit, but is completely manageable.

Why this is important: Heat. Running heavier spring rates causes more draw on the battery. Excessive head is bad with electric components. The wires provide ample current passage without building excessive heat.

-Flat Gear Set: They work. They are a flat gear set, but are not on par with the high-line aftermarket gears. They will withstand higher energy set-ups, but a higher line gear should be used. In its stock configuration, they are an excellent choice.
Airsoft Classic Army SCAR-L

Why this is important: If you are planning on upgrading your replica. Consider a hardened steel set of gears. A heavier spring needs a lower gear reduction to keep the stress off the electrical components. These gears will work in the heavier application, but they are not ideal. Keep this in mind when upgrading your replica over 1.14j. (350fps w/.2s)

-Improved Cylinder and Cylinder head: A machined cylinder head and precision cylinder stock? Nice!
Airsoft Classic Army SCAR-LAirsoft Classic Army SCAR-L

Why this is important: Better efficiency with every piston stroke. The machined cylinderhead is not only tougher than plastic, which can slowly breakdown from lubricants, but can also maintain a better seal with the cylinder itself. The included cylinder is a far superior jump from the standard brass. They are smoother walled and have better air seal tendencies in my experience. This type of part is on par with what you see in the Systema Tune-Up kit cylinder/cylinder head kits.

-Aluminum Ported Pistonhead: This is an upgrade piece to the older plastic heads. Well made and creates a good seal.
Airsoft Classic Army SCAR-L

Why is this important: A ported pistonhead uniformly creates a seal with its o-ring when the piston is in its fire stroke. The seal is made by pressure building up in the cylinder as it moves toward the cylinderhead. A ported pistonhead is more efficient than an unported pistonhead for one main reason. It the o-ring is being pressured outward by the increased pressure in the cylinder, while the non-ported relies on a static friction to create the seal.

The CA Aluminum Pistonhead is quite nice really. It has several ports on the head to bellow the o-ring out evening under pressure. This is a major improvement in the CA line

-Yellow CA Polycarb piston: They work will with the Classic Army Scar-l gears, but are the bottom of the poly-carb "upgraded" pistons group. This will likely be the source of most mechbox failures in the CA in a stock or upgraded configuration. The piston really isn't forgiving.
Airsoft Classic Army SCAR-L
Why this is important: They are at best "ok" when unmodified. (removing a tooth for better mesh) An aftermarket polycarb-piston (not aluminum) will be a far superior choice for the replica if you elect to change to a new type of gears. The piston is the manufactered weakness in the gearbox, as it should be. A set of gears going down is far more expensive than a piston, although both are irratating.

-CA high torque motor: Works great. Sounds great on the cycle.
Airsoft Classic Army SCAR-L
Why this is important: Higher torque, less heat under a load. This is another new level of quality from CA, it is stamped high-torque but from asking around a bit, it is still an EG1000 equiviliant. Don't let that put you off, the motor is great and will be serviceable and durable up to a 1.49j application reliably.

Overall Internal Impression Of Classic Army Scar-l :

CA has a good thing going with the included internals. I am a little put off by the mechbox removal, but that is for the tech end of the game. For the player, the build is nice and will be friendly to upgrades.

Stock: With a factory reinforced mechbox and all the factory pluses installed out of the box, the internals should be very reliable with the proper care in operation and maintenence.

Upgraded: It is capable of taking any of the ver.2 mechbox upgrades on the market and is a solid base to work from for the upgrade minded. Replace the piston and gears for any serious velocity upgrades. Everything else should be good to go.

Features Of Classic Army Scar-l: Exterior

-Metal Upper Reciever: Machined one piece upper reciever
Airsoft Classic Army SCAR-L

Why this is important: Weight, cosmetics, and strength. This is one of the crowning achievements of the replica. The finish is extremely nice and has a nice balance and weight. Other options on the market are plastic and cheap. The CA's strength is apparent: No flex and great quality.

-Front Flip-Up/Rear Flip-Up Sights: Metal, nicely formed. The rear is adjustable and detachable.
Airsoft Classic Army SCAR-LAirsoft Classic Army SCAR-L
Airsoft Classic Army SCAR-LAirsoft Classic Army SCAR-L
Airsoft Classic Army SCAR-LAirsoft Classic Army SCAR-LAirsoft Classic Army SCAR-L

Why this is important: Having used flip-ups in the past, they make it really nice when you feel like running an Aimpoint, Eotech, or other aiming aid.

What about quality? They both lock firmly into place. The front has a pin that needs to be pushed to flip it up or down, so no bumping it and having no front sight. They are both nice, but the front sight with the metal gas block is very impressive. The ability to remove the rear flip-up is also nice. It allows for any other aftermarket sight to be installed, or an unimpeded sight for a set of optics.

-3 Position Telescopic stock/Folding Stock: Operates smoothly and houses the battery. It will accomdate a mini-battery only.
Airsoft Classic Army SCAR-LAirsoft Classic Army SCAR-L
Airsoft Classic Army SCAR-LAirsoft Classic Army SCAR-L

Why this is important: The SCAR has a stock that is not only folding, but adjustable. The upper-small button adjusts cheekweld, while the lower big button unlocks the folder. The stock adjustments is clearly marked, and the adjustment button is at the rear of stock. The functionality is what really makes the stock so very nice for the shooter. The folding aspect really isn't going to do much for you, unless you like to jump out of planes, but the cheekweld and telescopic aspects are great.

There is one negative aspect about the SCAR-L stock. It houses only a small battery, and without removing the small set screw from the adjuster, installing a battery into the stock is a pain!

-Ambidexterous Fire Selector: Easy Off-Hand shooting

Why this is important: The way it is designed, it allows the shooter to easily release the magazine from either side of the weapon. This is especially handy for the left handed shooter, but also helpful when in game left hand access to the mag release is easier.

-Ambidexterous Bolt: The bolt handle can be moved to a left or right handed opening option with a twist of a hex screw.
Airsoft Classic Army SCAR-L
Why this is important: It isn't, but it has a custom appeal to it. A nice attention to detail.

-Classic Army Logo: Laser Etched, very clear.
Airsoft Classic Army SCAR-LAirsoft Classic Army SCAR-L
Airsoft Classic Army SCAR-L

Why this is important: It isn't, but it sure does look good!

-Accessory Rails: The SCAR-L has an upper full length rail, plus two side and lower accessory rails!
Airsoft Classic Army SCAR-LAirsoft Classic Army SCAR-L

Why this is important : The SCAR-L comes with full accessory rails, no need to buy more of them. There is plenty of room for a 203 or lower vert grip...side mounted laser and optics on the top rail. This is the perfect replica for the accessory minded.

-CA M16 Highcap Mag : Metal body, feeds well.
Airsoft Classic Army SCAR-LAirsoft Classic Army SCAR-L

Why this is important: A factory included high quality high capacity magazine is a real plus for the first time AEG buyer. Having 68 BBs in a magazine sounds like a bunch, but when the shooting starts they run out quickly. The 300 round high cap means easy reloads in the field and not having to invest in standard magazines for $20 a piece up front to have enough ammo for the field. A tradition that CA has stuck with and is really nice.

Motor Adjustment Plate: CA Standard
Airsoft Classic Army SCAR-LAirsoft Classic Army SCAR-L

Why this is important: Although this is a standard piece for all CA m16 series grips, it is alway important to note how much nicer the CA design is than a conventional hex adjustment motor plate. A multi-tool can easily service the adjustment screw in the field, so no runs back to the car in the middle of an event, there is no motor spacer to lose when disassembling the replica, and the screw itself doesn't tend to back off. Which is the real plus to the end user.

Overall External Impression: The SCAR-L is a really unique replica. It has ergonomics in mind for the player and it is just damn cool looking. CA didn't skimp on the feel, wieght, or design of the replica.

At the Range: Having completed the technical aspects of the review it was time to move to practical.
Airsoft Classic Army SCAR-LAirsoft Classic Army SCAR-L
Airsoft Classic Army SCAR-L

-First stop was the chrono. I loaded some Airsplat BIO .20's and headed over to the chrono. I am impressed with the consistency, but it shot consistently low. It fired 30fps below advertised 328fps (1j). The -30fps off could easily be the pistonhead seal or the rifle being stored with the piston back for an extended amount of time.

-Prior to going live, I adjusted the hop-up and sights. The hop-up was very manageable and easily adjusted. The open-bolt option makes the adjustment very easy. The rear site has large adjustment knobs that can be articulated through gloves if need be. Needless to say, I liked that feature. The hop-up and sights adjusted, I was ready to shoot!

Next to the firing line:

-30ft distance:
Airsoft Classic Army SCAR-LAirsoft Classic Army SCAR-L

I fired ten rounds from a standing position. The grouping was reasonable with the mild cross wind present.

Airsoft Classic Army SCAR-L Airsoft Classic Army SCAR-L

Once again, 10 rounds. Standing position. I was a little surprised with this grouping. The spread was bigger that what I would expected from such a nice factory build, but not crazy bad. Probably me, but for the sake of science..I'll say it was 50/50. A 10" group at 60ft....Man, I need to eat my Wheaties.

The Range Impression:

After the target tests were complete I dumped several more mags through the replica. It shot really consistently and cycled quickly on full auto. The magazine fed well too. No misfeeds.

-The CA SCAR-L has great handling characteristics. Shouldering the rifle, it had a natural sight picture. I didn't feel I needed to move my head around to get the proper picture in the peep sight.

-It has a nice neutral balance, not too front heavy, nor to rear.

-It could use a vertical forgrip. The rails are not really comfortable to hold onto. A grip would better service the rifle.

-The magazine locks in place with a solid click the ambidexterous magazine release works well.

The Conclusion:

The advantage of any Classic Army Scar-l is that it comes packed with factory upgrades right out of the box. Sure, a hop-up bucking and tightbore barrel would be at the top of the list for initial upgrades, other than adding a higher energy spring there isn't much to do internally.

Specifically the SCAR-L currently is the top of the heap for SCAR replicas. VFC is the only other high-line AEG manufacturer that is offering the SCAR-L and thus far their internals are suspect.

If you are in the market for a SCAR-L. Check out the CA, it has proven internals with a great attention to detail and durability. Everyone should have a SCAR-L in their assault locker.

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This airsoft gun is not to be misrepresented as a real firearm or gun that is manufactured by FN Herstal and is merely an airsoft gun that fires 6mm pellets. The manufacturer of this airsoft gun is Classic Army.



Airsoft BB 0.2 g 2000 Pellet Bottle Feed

Airsoft BB 0.2 g 2000 Pellet Bottle Feed

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Airsoft 6mm BB 0.2g 1Kg 5,000 Pellet Bag

Airsoft 6mm BB 0.2g 1Kg 5,000 Pellet Bag

$12.00 Add with
GB M4 AEG Hi Cap Magazine 300 Rounds

GB M4 AEG Hi Cap Magazine 300 Rounds

$14.99 Add with
IB 8.4 V 1200 mAH Ni-MH Small Battery

IB 8.4 V 1200 mAH Ni-MH Small Battery

$19.99 Add with
Elite 9.6 V 1500 mAH Ni-MH Small Battery

Elite 9.6 V 1500 mAH Ni-MH Small Battery

$24.99 Add with
MRC Super Brain 992 Palm Delta Charger

MRC Super Brain 992 Palm Delta Charger

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