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WinGun 105 M9 Gas Airsoft Gun Pistol

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WinGun 701 4 Revolver CO2 Gas Gun BK

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HK MP5 Dual Power AEG Spring Airsoft Gun

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Classic Army Armalite M15 A4 SPR AEG Gun   More Info $ 1
AirSplat 3-9x50 Red Reticle Rifle Scope   More Info $ 1
Deep Fire Silencer 300 (300mm x 35mm)   More Info $ 1
Leapers Harris Style Sniper Rifle Bipod   More Info $ 1
  More Info $ 1
- CAOC Donnie T's Weapon of Warrior SPR Airsoft Sniper Rifle
- Donnie's Custom Build of a Real Life Snipe Rifle Set up
- Base rifle is Classic Army SPR RIS Airsoft Rifle
- Also included is an AirSplat 3-9X Magnification x 50 mm Scope
- Leapers Harris Style Bipod
- Deep Fire Extra Long 300 mm Rifle Quick Detach Silencer
- Perfect Sniper Rifle Airsoft Custom Set up

The MK-12 or SPR is a fairly newly designed weapon’s platform. The acronym SPR originally stood for Special Purpose Receiver, which was the designation of just the receiver used for the SPR but, as the weapon grew popular in OIF and OEF it became a stand alone system and the term Special Purpose Rifle was then adopted. The SPR is used as a light sniper or designated marksman platform. Having a sniper platform that takes the same ammunition and magazines, as your primary weapon is not only a huge advantage on the battlefield but on the Airsoft field as well. You now have a whole new asset added to your team, and since a majority of players use the standard M4/M16/AR15 variant weapon, all of your teammates are able to pick up that weapon and employ it, if the DM happens to be taken out.

Just like the real SPR, Airsplat uses a standard M16A4 with a flattop and rail system. We have worked on 3 different base platforms to meet everyone's needs. For the optics, we have chosen the Fidragon 3-9X adjustable zoomed illuminated reticle scope. Finally with a Harris Style Bi pod and the Deep Fire 9.5” Metal Suppressor this completes our real world SPR replica for any airsoft enthusiast wanting a real to military build up.

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