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Item Code: ER-UTG-M4T18-B
Airsoft Guns Styles: M4 Airsoft Rifle
Airsoft Manufacturers: Leapers UTG
Model: M4 Airsoft AEG Gun Rifle

UTG M4 RIS Electric Airsoft Rifle AEG
- Velocity: 390 fps (0.2 g BB) / Range 190-220 feet
- Barrel Length: 16 inches / 40 cm
- Magazine Capacity: 300 Rounds
- Full RAS System
- Full Metal Body and Gearbox
- Battery and Charger Included!
- Airsoft Gun Review Available - Click More Info
- Made in Taiwan

UTG M4 Full Metal Commando Airsoft AEG Manual

Please visit our Airsoft Maintenance page for information and videos.

UTG has come out with the M4 Commando which is a more compact version with a shorter barrel and collapsible stock. This beautiful airsoft gun includes all the bells and whistles.

One thing that sets the UTG M4 rifles apart from other airsoft guns on the market is that this rifle is assembled in the USA at the UTG. Each rifle goes through several quality control tests before being distributed to insure the utmost quality. Every rifle is individuallly serialized.

Not only does this rifle have the same metal content as the real steel rifle but it also uses weapons grade parts. That means that most of the external parts on this rifle are also produced for use on real firearms which makes this one tough rifle. With the same exact weight and balance as its real counterpart the UTG M4 airsoft rifle is excellent in the role of a training weapon or if you simply want the ultimate realism for your airsoft games.

At the heart of the AEG rifle is a version 2 gearbox with a reinforced metal gearbox which comes factory upgraded with an M110 spring, steel spring guide, steel gears, polycarbonate piston and 16 gauge wiring. The gearbox is upgradable and Tokyo Marui compatible for even more power.

The UTG M4 Commando features a RAS system like no other M4 you have ever seen. It is larger RAS system which allows a large battery to be installed inside of the RAS. Not only that but it can take up to a 8.4v 4200mah large airsoft battery!

While the top of the RAS is bolted to the rifles barrel making the whole unit exceptionally stable, the bottom half hinges down giving you easy access to the rifles battery compartment. The rifle comes wired for a mini type battery however UTG has included a plug-in adapter to change the connector to a large type. It takes some patience and a few extra minutes to figure out how to tuck the wires out of the way behind the brace.

The removable match grade rear sight is fully adjustable for windage and elevation and features two adjustable apertures for short to long range sighting. Its contoured pistol grip has a thick rubber overlay and is a lot more comfortable than your standard M4 grip. Pulling back on the charging handle flips open the dust cover to reveal the hop up adjustment wheel. The LE style collapsible stock can be locked in six different positions and comes with a rubber butt pad.

A bonus feature is that UTG is offering a 120 day warranty on their M4 and has a full blown service center located in Livonia, MI that will service all warranty related issues that might arise. Please refer to page 28 of your owners manual for more information.

UTG Sport – Model 4 Combat Commando
Full Metal AEG Series
Author: Lengendsecko87
Published: 9-5-08


Table of Contents:

Real Steel History
First impressions
Gun first impressions
Externals Trademarks
Preparing gun for firing

Real Steel History:

(Copied from The M4 and variants fire 5.56x45mm NATO ammunition and are gas-operated, air-cooled, magazine-fed, selective fire firearms with a 4-position telescoping stock. Original M4 models had a flat-ended telescoping stock, but newer models are now equipped with a redesigned telescoping stock that is slightly larger and the end has a curvature.

As with many carbines, the M4 is handy and more convenient to carry than a full-length rifle. While this makes it a candidate for non-infantry troops (vehicle crews, clerks and staff officers), it also makes it ideal for close quarters combat (CQC), and airborne and special operations. It has been adopted by United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) and is the preferred weapon of the U.S. Army Special Forces. M4 have also been fielded by the Australian Special Air Service Regiment. Malaysia purchased M4 Carbine service rifles to replace the Steyr AUG service rifles in its armed forces in 2006 and will be manufactured in Malaysia under license by Colt Firearms.

(Copied from Colt TM website)


UTG has yet to offer a full metal and high quality AEG until now. I contacted Leapers about reviewing in general for them, and they were able to send me this rifle for review. This AEG usually is on sites such as Evike, and ShortyUSA. They usually retail around the $300-USD range. No other company has yet to offer a full metal AEG, Built/assembled in the USA. This particular gun is covered by Leapers/UTG’s Commitment to Quality, and has a full warranty from up to 90 days!

First impressions:

When I received this shipment from leapers, I was surprised by what I saw. Apparently UTG spent quite some time on their box, and made it quite attractive. It comes with a gold and black color base, along with a colorful picture on the front. When opening the package, you notice that everything is packaged nicely. The battery and the magazine are stacked on top of each other, and most of all accessories are either installed, or sitting near the front (left hand side) of the box. The inside is constructed of 2 Styrofoam pieces, separated by cardboard outlines.


The UTG M4 Commando comes with some of the standard things, and some of the extra accessories. The extras are advertised with the AEG, but can be sold by themselves. They are law enforcement grade, and UTG has seemed to find a way to save you money by including them with this AEG! Like said, the majority of these things (except for battery, airsoft magazine, etc) are designed for real firearms, but are being applied in the airsoft market, thus firearm quality products are being used for airsoft making this gun very robust.

Included Parts:

8.4v 1800mAh Ni-Cad rechargeable battery & Charger
Battery spacer/stabilizer
Mini to large connector
1 Metal High-Capacity Magazine
Assortment of tools (Allen wrenches, Magazine Wind-up Key)
UTG Ergonomic Model 4 Vertical Grip
Commando Cut-Off rear sight
Sight adjuster
Cleaning/Un-Jamming Rod
QD- Swivel sling mount
Rubber stock pad

Most of these things will be discussed later in the review; however a lot of it will be discussed here. Everything was packaged safely inside their colorful box.

The vertical fore grip is a little more standard then most vertical grips. The vertical grip fits comfortably in your hand, and it is also very solid. It is installed by the standard screw at the bottom, turning it counterclockwise for unscrewing (Left), and clockwise (Right) to screw it in. There is a little notch in where a small bumper rod will engage the RIS rail, in which it will become immobile. There is an o-ring that helps with the torque near the bottom of it. Overall the construction is high strength plastic and rubber, and is very strong.

The rubber butt pad is a good addition to any stock if you want one. It is made out of rubber, that when shouldered (your rifle) it grips onto your clothes and will not move. There seem to be some trademarks as pictured, which include a little bomb like thing with smoke, and also U.S and A123168. This will only fit an LE style stock.

The rear sight included with this gun is actually has something to back itself up. It is metal! The entire block is metal, cast, not machined, and also painted a matte black. When sighting the rifle, the sights look exactly like an Armalite series rifle (M4/M16), except since it is not a full and entire carry handle, you do not have the little “channel” in going across. What I mean is on a normal carry handle, you have the entire handle going across to the front end of the receiver, creating some kind of a channel type effect, while with this rear sight it is totally eliminated.

The QD (Quick Detach) swivel sling mount seems of very good quality metal. It has ball bearings to help it set into the RAS unit., or wherever you may want it on the rifle. The rifle has certain holes to enable to put it, and install it. Also, when removing it there is a button on the top of it you must press for it to detach.

Gun first impressions:

My first impressions on this gun is “Wow, this thing is really heavy, and sharp?” By sharp it is by the way it was made (rails and such) so it is sharp to the touch and the heavy part is the full metal. When UTG told everybody it was full metal, they seriously meant it. The large RAS unit was a little larger then I expected, but it gets the job done very nicely. The metal body was good, and the laser engravings seem to be etched pretty deep. You can also notice a lot of the tool markings, which shows UTG’s quality. There were some scuffs, but overall it is a very nice first impression. The rubber pistol grip felt comfortable too.


The externals on this AEG are very nice! The quality of this rifle reflects on its externals. There are many points that you must notice when looking at this rifle. Those things would include the full metal body, trademarks, rubberized pistol grip, large battery RAS unit, the Tri-Rail barrel mount, the retractable stock, and the outer barrel.

The metal body just took my breath away when I saw this beauty. It is painted black, and also has laser engravings. The metal seems to be of high quality, but I have no idea what kind of metal. I have a guess that it is made out of aluminum though. The finish on this rifle is a matte black, and it seems to have the texture of a KWA M4-series rifle. The dust cover does not move, which helps in low sound combat situations so you don’t have parts moving all over the place. When you pull back the bolt carrier, you notice that there is a very light pull to pull it back. However, one flaw in this is that there is no mock bolt, so when it is pulled back, the dust cover is not always released to reveal the gearbox/hop up unit. When looking at the selector, you notice that they are laser engraved as well, but the lettering is very small compared to many clones on the air soft market. When looking up at the top rail on the upper receiver you can notice many important things. When looking up at the top rail, you first notice that there are trademarks, or indication marking, telling you which rail you are on. You have T1-T13, going from back to front. The next things you notice are tool markings. First you can see in the picture following this is that over it you can see circular markings, showing the use of an In-Mill bit. This shows that it may have been CNC Machined. Next when you look on the inside, you can also see these markings. This shows the quality and the fact that the rail has been put into one piece on the upper receiver.

No mock bolt! There are also no right-hand trademarks on this AEG. You can spot the hop up, and the cylinder.

You can notice the milling machine’s marks. Quality? I think so!

Now we are moving onto the front area. The thing you notice when you do touch the RAS unit that it is large, and it can start to hurt your fingers. The reason why the unit will hurt is because of the way it is constructed. The entire unit is made out of an aluminum billet, and more than likely has been machined a lot like the upper rail on the upper receiver (CNC), to Picatinny standards of 20mm’s. You do not see any markings, but if you were to cast this, it would have been extremely hard to do. This part of the metal on the entire gun is the metal that seems the most like KWA’s aluminum. The markings you notice are the UTG markings, then also the numbers going from 02, 04, 06, etc. According to the numbers, there are a total of 14 slots, except on the bottom rail where it goes up to 17. When opening the RAS grip, there are 2 buttons on the side which both must be pressed to un-latch the RAS grip. After you un-latch the RAS grip, you are exposed to the wires, along with most likely the battery. The battery storage is in the RAS grip, which is also able to use a large (Sub-C) size battery, which is unique for UTG because no other manufacturer for airsoft has ever created this. After this has been done, you notice some things about the outer barrel. You notice that the entire outer barrel has been turned on a lathe. This shows even more of external quality. You also notice the type of delta connector it has, and it looks a lot like A&K’s, and Classic Army’s Delta ring, rather then JG and TM’s. Noticing all of this concludes to one important fact about this gun. There is NO barrel wobble in this entire gun because of the fact that it was assembled well, and made out of good material.

The RAS unit has been opened, exposing the wires. The opened position shown in the picture is the maximum allowed with the Tri-Rail mount on the front.

You can see the style of delta ring used on this rifle. Note – Pulling back the actual delta ring does nothing, except take energy out of you and your hands.

The Tri-rail mount on the front end is a lot like the RAS. It seems to be made out of the same material. It seems to be torqued on to the front sight, enabling it to not wobble or anything. The rails on it however are not congruent to the rails on the RAS unit in position except for the bottom rail. They are at different levels (High, low), and also different position (Left, Right). When removing it (if you must at all) you notice that the barrel length is the same as a M733/933 “Commando” which of course is what this gun is. You also notice that the lathe marks continue, and so that the entire outer barrel is one piece of solid metal, so you are pretty assured that the stability of the rifle will be supreme. This entire unit has also been machined out of a solid piece of aluminum. I have seen the machining marks cause of my prior machinist experience, thus I know what these markings resemble. I do know the stability of this, and can affirm that it IS law enforcement grade, and able to take on actual firearm shock.

The retractable stock on this rifle seems to be of quite good quality. The buffer tube seems to be made out of a high quality metal, cast into its current position. When looking at this, you may also notice that it’s installed a lot like a Classic Army buffer tube, by having a small nut around the buffer tube pressing up against the main part of the body. The metal however seems of higher quality of Classic Army buffer tubes. The stock is a 6 position stock, which enables you to use any position you like to feel comfortable. The material used to build the actual stock is a combination of metal and some high strength plastic or polymer. The metal parts include the adjusting nut, which holds the stock’s position, then the sling mount. If I may say, this stock is rock solid. There was minimal movement from side to side, and also from front to back. The stock seems to be made from a mold, because you can see seam lines and also molding scars. The seam lines are very horrid looking, and don’t look all that great. The overall appearance is the stock only looks good from one side. The material it is made out of seems to be a lot like ICS, but doesn’t match the quality standards of ICS.

Here is a picture of the "buffer nut" that pushes it up against the body.

In the two pictures, you see the stock fully retracted, along with fully extended.

The rubberized pistol grip was an add-on that UTG has presented with this rifle. When you hold this gun, it is comforting and has a unique texture on the hand. The rubber also creates some sort of soothing feeling when you do squeeze the grip. The way the grip is made is also kind of a sniper feeling because of the thumb rest that is molded into it. The only bad part about the grip is that it is difficult to move the selector because of the rubber restricting the movement of your thumb. One other plus about the grip is that it has inserts for the motor plate screws. That’s right, no more stripping your pistol grip screws!

Here is a beauty shot of the pistol grip. Notice how far up the back of the metal body it goes, and the thumb rest.


These trademarks have seem to be etched by laser, and they are every precise. There are more trademarks or just markings that are not on the body. There are trademarks on the top of the upper receiver like discussed before, and then along with some on the large RAS unit. The RAS also has some trademarks, but they are only “UTG” because they are stating that it is UTG. If you do look closely however, you may notice that the lion figure in the picture below, for the mouth, nose and in-between you can see spellings of UTG. However, UTG has advertised that this gun comes with an individual serial number, in which almost any number(s) can be used in the serial number.

Trademarks on the lower receiver

Trademarks on the RAS.


The magazine included with this gun looks like your standard STNAG 30 round magazine, but airsoft and high capacity. The paint is a rough matte black, along with the type of paint used gives it a very unique texture of being rough or so, and does not feel the same of my Dboys or ICS magazines texture(s). The material used is a combination of plastic and metal. The metal may be sheet metal, but seems to be high quality. One unique feature this magazine has is the quick winding feature due to the fact that it is a high capacity magazine. This quick winding feature is used with the wind-up key or an allen wrench is inserted on the left side. The spring on the inside seems very stiff, and seems to feed well when shooting the rifle. No misfeeds have been experienced when using this magazine. It wants me to believe that it is a JG Brand magazine due to the quick wind feature, but doesn’t seem like it because of the paint job. We may never know because of no trademarks on the bottom.

In comparison with a Dboys VN style magazine. Paint difference can be noticed by the glare.

Preparing gun for firing:

To prepare your gun to fire you must do 2 things. First, load up your magazine with good quality .20g (Or heavier) bb’s, and insert/charge the battery. Your battery included is an 8.4v 1800mAh Ni-Cad battery. With the charger included, it outputs an 8.4v 300mAh current. So by taking the capacity, and dividing it by the output (1800/300) you get a total of 6 hours total charging time from when the battery is totally dead. However, do not overcharge your battery, or charge before it has been FULLY discharged, because it will cause a “memory effect” due to its chemical composition. The connectors used in the gun/battery are mini connectors, so when thinking about using another large battery, UTG included a mini to large connector for your ease. However, I find it somewhat difficult to insert the battery into the RAS unit because of the space you are trying to get it into. Wires, connectors, and such may fall in the way of the amount of clearance needed to close the RAS unit all the way. The fact that it is metal on metal contact however also contributes to this. However, if you are having trouble, UTG Does provide a “Battery Spacer” which helps with the battery placement.

Battery and charger shown above. Wire quality is decent on the battery, but they are stiff.


The performance for this AEG isn’t all that shabby for the reputation that UTG has for its AEG’s. UTG has seemed to bump up its standards about the rate at which their guns shoot. This gun shoots approximately 360-370 FPS according to the poor man’s chrono. Prices of chronographs are a little out of my budget, but the PMC will give a decent ballpark of how hot this gun is shooting. The rate of fire however does not give me much to fall back on however. It shoots at about the same rate of a regular stock JG rifle on an 8.4v battery. I would guesstimate that it would hit at around the 8-11 range for rounds per second (RPS). However, one part that makes up for the ROF is this gun’s amazing accuracy for such a short length gun. Since this rifle copies the commando version of the M4 Carbine (M933), this gun is actually shorter then an M4 with a barrel length of about 300mm’s. For a short length gun, most people would not expect accuracy from it, but it seems like UTG has done their part in making an accurate rifle. Now it’s just your turn to use good bb’s to make it even more accurate. Here are some of the field tests I have done to show the accuracy.

My performance testing was done with the following equipment:

- Fully Charged battery (off smart charger)
- Team SD .20g High Grade/Polish Precision Bb’s
- KWC Sticky Target
- Kirkland Signature Pop can
- Dboy’s Bi-Pod (On 120ft)

Left: Exit hole of center shot to Aluminum can.
Means - < 340Fps

Right: Shot to the bottom of a can. Notice that it does not go through, which means < 380Fps

When done, I noticed very tight groupings when done with these bb’s, and that for such a light weight projectile (compared to .25g, .28g, etc.) you can notice that the bb’s fly very far due from the adjustable hop up doing it’s job of lifting the bb’s higher in the air. Amazingly, these bb’s were able to sail past 120ft, and maybe even up to 150ft, but they were starting to drop even before this point in time. However, the groupings out at that far of a range was significantly bigger then when closer up (< 90ft).

Shots taken at 25 Feet. 10/10

Shots taken at 60 feet. 10/10

Shots taken at 120 Feet. 7/10 shots (Note: Some wind was blowing)

Performance Tests:

Sources of Errors:
Well, wind is not the friendliest factor in the world of Airsoft. A lot of variables come into effect when you are trying to be accurate with a small bb that doesn’t even weigh a gram. Here is a list of some things that might be a source of error.

Hop-Up - Hop up is a great thing, but is adjustable to what your needs are. The accuracy could have been affected by having too much or too little hop, knocking the accuracy off on the Y-Axis. Also, hop up isn't always the same. Hop up can sometimes be very inconsistent and cause a variation of results. At the time of taking the results my hop up was being very difficult, because I could not get it quite right along with the lack of bright lights to adjust it correctly.

Wind - Outdoor shooting can always some effect on your shot results. Wind affects airsofters’ results very much because we are using a spherical ball weighing not even a gram; which can be tossed around by the wind quite easily. Sometimes if you use the best weight you can have almost no effect to as much as almost 20 feet off your target. At the time of the tests, there were some winds up here in the state of Washington which caused some of the bb's to deviate from their path and go somewhere else.
Internals: UTG hasn’t seemed to loose its touch on some things about their internals. UTG has gotten better at many aspects on it, but also sometimes it is about the same. In UTG’s documents they sent me, they state that they took the route of outsourcing to keep costs down on the gun, but the only component they outsourced is the gearbox.

To start, the hop up is full metal. I did not think at first that this gun would come with a metal hop up unit, but I was dumbfounded to notice that it actually was metal. I was put to the impression that it was made out of plastic, but I was wrong. The metal seems a bit shabby compared to my Dboys metal hop up, because it is actually quite rough, and also the pivot rod for the hop up arm was actually very loose, so it may be able to fall out quickly. I happened to actually lose the pivot rod because I wouldn't stay in. The barrel is also locked into the barrel with a small little brass ring to keep it in place. The barrel seem to be cut in the front like it is near the rear when keeping it in the hop up with the notches (refer to pictures). The barrel is 300mm with a 6.05mm diameter. This means that in a since it is a tight bore. In the manual it is labeled as a “Copper Inner Barrel”, but I believe that it is made out of brass not copper. Please note, if you go though this product like I have done, you give up your UTG 90-day warranty, as such open at your own risk

Metal hop up shown. Black plastic is available, and one can notice the arm-bar is gone.About 300mm Long. The last notch is also visible in this picture.

After you get past the entire body you will be able to see this picture after you remove the gearbox. The hardest part to get to this gearbox is removing the pins. The pin that gave me the most trouble is the rear pin. After getting this off though, removal of the gearbox was pretty simple. There are a first couple of things you notice with the gearbox is that it is a Version 2 (V2) gearbox shell. The paint is black, and really isn’t all that great but it looks adequate. The next thing you notice is the chrome cylinder, which will be discussed later. You also notice the plastic bushings, silver contact plates for the selector, the UTG Insignia on the side, and the Torx style screws. The screws do not need a Torx style head to remove, but if used it can improve overall ease of the gearbox. When opening the entire gearbox I was opened to an entire UTG that!

Here is the UTG Gearbox all by itself

Once I tore open the gearbox, I was opened up to a whole new world of UTG that I have never seen, heard, or anything before. The things you see that there are standardized Version 2 Tokyo Marui products, and that any Version 2 products will be accepted. The gearbox shell is nicely casted, with no residue left over it seems. The gearbox seems to be a lot nicer, cleaner and higher quality then most JG, A&K, etc gearboxes. It is nicely greased, with some lightweight clear grease, and most of it is put on the spur gear, and the bevel gear. There is a big abundance of the grease, and also the plastic/polymer they used was a little bit clear, but high strength. All in all, this really looks like a JG gearbox, but a lot of the components are different! The piston however, is the same quality as JG, and created out of a different polymer because of the color. The piston head provides an adequate seal, but could be better if a better o-ring was used. The spring is attached to the piston head, so you must unscrew your piston head before you remove your spring attached to the weight. The spring is rated to be a M110, and I don’t deny it.

Here is the gearbox shell after it has been opened and exposed!

The gears in this puppy are a bit different then what I’m used to seeing now days in the current China-made guns/gearboxes. These gears are a brand called “ZN” and seem to be heat treated of some sort. They are a lot like XYT brand, because of the dimensions of the gears, but the thing is about these gears is that they are built much nicer. They seem to be made out of steel, and like said, maybe heat treated due to their color. A lot of grease was centralized around the gears, and the shimming was adequate. A lot of the brass rings and such however were very loose and might cause you to some trouble. The Anti-Reversal Latch however was XYT Brand, and I question why there would be ZN gears, and a XYT bevel gear. The main shaft on the gear though has seemed to be lathed, because of the shaft on the top looking very messy. The only problem I had with these gears is that the sector gear seemed to be very scratched up, as if something went wrong in the machine shop, and passed quality control because of the markings.

Here is a shot of the gears. Notice the markings on both the sector and bevel gear.

The cylinder set for this gearbox was actually quite nice. I think the best addition to any ACM gearbox would be that this gearbox does have a chrome cylinder. The cylinder seems to have just a chrome plating though, as the actual material could be brass or steel or maybe aluminum. None the less, the cylinder does provide a very good seal. It seems to be ported in the correct place, thus creating a greater muzzle velocity. The cylinder head seems to be of decent quality. There were noticeable seam lines, and the plastic quality seems to be on pair with Tokyo Marui, and definitely beat JG cylinder heads. However, the rubber bumper quality seems very shabby. All it seems to be is just a circular piece of rubber cut in the certain direction. This type of rubber isn’t soft as TM’s thus not absorbing the sound as well. The air nozzle isn’t anything special. However, the small diameter and the brass feed tube on the cylinder does give a decent seal. There is no o-ring present on the air nozzle so making it as small as possible to reduce the loss of compression.

Here is a picture of all of the compression parts. Note the chrome plating and the shape of the air nozzle (exit)

The spring guide was something that amazed me by the shape, and dimensions of this spring guide. The spring guide seems like nothing special, with just being made out of STEEL and having a little ring on the base. I can tell it is made out of steel because of the lathe markings not being all that circular, and messy thus making it look like steel I have worked on previously. One particular thing you may notice on this spring guide is that there are no “wings” on the base of the gearbox. This means that this will technically work with any V2 or V3 gearbox, if you have the correct screw to hold it back. However, the gearbox does have a correct spring guide slots to enable the use of a brand name spring guide such as Systema or Guarder V2 bearing spring guides. The spring guide provided though is very solid, almost a 1 piece construction and having no bore through the middle (compared to Guarder, Systema, ICS, etc).

The Spring Guide. You can see the little “nipple” like thing from the machining process.


There aren’t many modifications I would to this AEG. I would try to get a hold of a spare mock bolt to make things a tad prettier, and then also internally I would remove the 2nd tooth just as a safety precaution. I would not recommend doing that unless you have had prior experience, or you just don’t care about ruining your warranty. This gun is as solid as possible, but a new motor could help with your ROF a little bit.


Metal body with trademarks Assembled/Made in the U.S.A.
CNC/Lathe Machined metal externals.
Large battery capable RAS Hand guard.
Many LE-Grade accessories included (Stock cover, vertical fore grip)
UTG Commitment to quality warranty (Up to 90 days!)
Quick Wind High-Capacity Magazine.
Tri-Rail Barrel mount
M733 Commando length Cut off rear sight
Metal Hop up Unit
Mostly metal internals
Solid Feel
Decent FPS
Great Accuracy – Short barrel length ZN Gearset Chrome Cylinder

Plastic bushings
Difficult disassembly
Ni-Cad battery
Some parts are loose
18-awg wiring
High tolerances require force to install some accessories
No mock bolt
Rubber pistol grip can cause some delay in switching fire selector
Gearbox OEM in China
Hard Body to gearbox disassembly.


I was strictly amazed by the quality of this UTG AEG for my first UTG gun. I have handled UTG guns before, and was not impressed until now. The shear quality of this rifle and the process’s in which it went though amaze me. The externals are absolutely wonderful, by all of the machining. This gun is worth every bit of the cost that it is. Being assembled here in the USA gives this particular a higher quality AEG, thus reducing lemon rates and creating law enforcement grade material. At about $(300-275)-USD from dealer’s nation wide, this gun has the ability to build UTG’s reputation up. The internals were no surprise to me, but they are good compared to some of the other UTG Sport AEG’s. I think if the gearbox was updated a little bit with a better gearbox, motor, and battery quality to up the performance, UTG would be on its way to be a higher quality name brand. I cannot wait to see some more of UTG’s Built-In-America AEG’s! UTG/Leapers has planned to offer more models, and customization in the future. Again, I would like to thank UTG/Leapers. I think they are off to offering great built airsoft rifles to the modern airsoft market of today.

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This airsoft gun is not to be misrepresented as a real firearm or gun that is manufactured by Colt and is merely an airsoft gun that fires 6mm pellets. The manufacturer of this airsoft gun is UTG.


ICS/ Airsoft Elite M4 M16 AEG Magazine

ICS/ Airsoft Elite M4 M16 AEG Magazine

$27.99 Add with
Star M4 30 BB Standard Airsoft Magazine

Star M4 30 BB Standard Airsoft Magazine

$6.99 Add with
GB M4 AEG Hi Cap Magazine 300 Rounds

GB M4 AEG Hi Cap Magazine 300 Rounds

$14.99 Add with
Airsoft 6mm 0.2 g 2000 Pellet BB Bag

Airsoft 6mm 0.2 g 2000 Pellet BB Bag

$5.99 Add with
Airsoft BB 0.2 g 2000 Pellet Bottle Feed

Airsoft BB 0.2 g 2000 Pellet Bottle Feed

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Airsoft 6mm BB 0.2g 1Kg 5,000 Pellet Bag

Airsoft 6mm BB 0.2g 1Kg 5,000 Pellet Bag

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Airsoft 6mm BB 0.2g 800 Pellet Grenade

Airsoft 6mm BB 0.2g 800 Pellet Grenade

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Airsoft Elite Precision 0.23g 2500 BB's

Airsoft Elite Precision 0.23g 2500 BB's

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Classic Army Armalite M15 A4 SPC AEG Gun

Classic Army Armalite M15 A4 SPC AEG Gun

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Classic Army Armalite M15 A4 CQB AEG Gun

Classic Army Armalite M15 A4 CQB AEG Gun

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ICS M4 A1 RIS Electric Airsoft Rifle AEG

ICS M4 A1 RIS Electric Airsoft Rifle AEG

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Olympic Arms MIL4 AR / ICS M4A1 RIS

Olympic Arms MIL4 AR / ICS M4A1 RIS

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Olympic Arms MIL4/ ICS M4 RIS Full Stock

Olympic Arms MIL4/ ICS M4 RIS Full Stock

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Classic Army Armalite M15 A4 RIS AEG Gun

Classic Army Armalite M15 A4 RIS AEG Gun

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