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APS KU Series AUG Airsoft Rifle 9XX

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Flyye Single BIB Rifle Mag Pouch


Classic Army M14 Match Rifle Kryptek

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Airsoft Everything & Anything Related AirSplat Custom Logo 1
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Airsoft Lipo Battery 11.1V 7.4V Valken 11.1v 1200mAH 20C LiPo Stick 1   More Info
AirSplat Master Series Sandman Noveske Custom M4 Airsoft AEG Rifle
- Velocity: 340 FPS (0.2 g BB) / Range 150-170 Feet
- Barrel Length: 11 inches / 22 cm
- Magazine Capacity: 75 Rounds
- Mad Bull Noveske Airsoft 10" Handguard
- Crane Stock
- Mad bull Airsoft Noveske KX3 Flash Hider
- APS Tango Down Airsoft Pistol Grip
- APS Black Rhino Flip Up Sights
- G&G Ladder Rail Protectors
- Wired to Deans
- 3x APS M4 70 Round Magazines included
- Ball Bearing Spring Guide
- Guarder SP110 Airsoft AEG Upgrade Spring
- Polished Cylinder
- JG 14:1 Gears Shortsroked 2 teeth
- JG Red Piston Shortstroked and AOE corrected
- CA Hop Up chamber
- Deep Fire Barrel 6.04 installed
- DeepFire M4 AEG Gearbox Metal Air Nozzle
- Valken 11.1V 1200 mAH LiPo Battery 15C wired to Deans

Please visit our Airsoft Maintenance page for information and videos.

Top of the line, hand crafted, meticulously tested and tweaked. This is one gun where it truly becomes more than the sum of its parts. Never have we built an AEG from scratch, every component hand selected. This is the Ferrari of custom builds. We start with a full metal upper and lower full metal receiver, and attach a Noveske licensed full metal 10" rail. We put in a 416 Style Grip for comfort and a unique look. We cap off the end of the barrel with a KX3 flashhider, and give a solid SRC adjustable Stock. We then add top of the line accessories such as APS Rhino flip up sights, Ladder rail protectors, and 3x 70 round Magazines. We used rock solid JG gears and RED piston, lubed, shimmed, and AOE corrected by our Master Technicians. For the Airseal we install a polished cylinder, deepfire metal nozzle, CA hop up bucking, and a 6.04 barrel for tighter groupings at distance. With the 11.1 lipo and reinforced high speed setup, you'll make sure they're hitting the dirt to get out of the wall of plastic you'll be unleashing.

For Professionals, Built by professionals. With our Master Series Airsoft guns, we opened up our inventory to our technicians and gave them one rule: build the best gun you can. This series showcases the peak of their skills and abilities, Each of our techs has years in modding and building aegs, as well as being avid players, so they know what players like. Internally, these are fine tuned to each build's needs and specifications using parts from different manufacturers. Only one of each model will be built, no one else will have the same exact parts.

Note: comes with a LiPo battery but you must have a Lipo charger. This custom gun is meant for experienced players only, who know how to charge and use Lipos safely and effectively.

Please note that these custom Airsoft products are sold as is and all sales are final. Due to the unique nature of AirSplat Custom Guns, parts and accessories used may very by availability.

Return for repair/replacement:30 Day(s)
More Information About The Best Airsoft Return Policy
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