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Deep Fire M26A1 Airsoft Gas Grenade

$59.99  per EACH
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Airsoft Launchers Grenades Mines
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Deep Fire
Manufacturer Part No: DF-SW002
Stock: Yes & Ships w/in 24Hrs*
Model: Airsoft Hand Grenade Gun
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Deep Fire M26A1 Airsoft Grenade Grenades
- Airsoft Gas Reusable Hand Grenade
- First of it's kind! Great realism and practical use
- Fills with Green Gas and Airsoft BB
- Explodes afer pin is pulled and handle flies off. Just like real grenade!
- A must have just for kicks and for added realism
- Comes with Extra set of orange and green shells.
- Airsoft Review Available

Deep Fire Airsoft Grenade Instructions
Deep Fire Airsoft Gas Hand Grenade

The M26A1 are filled with BBs then filled with gas, and then the grenades are ready for action. Simply pull the pin out, throw it at your target, then after a few seconds the grenade explodes open, spraying the load of BBs accompanied by a reassuringly loud "bang" sound. The shell plates are blown clear away from the core of the grenade, creating a fragmentation effect in addition to the flying BBs! For safety reasons, the shells are made from soft plastic that are safe to use. These shells can also be purchased separately (at a later time after initial launch). You will be able to purchase M26A1 type shells, which will fit either of these grenades you see here. Basically both use the same innovative gas core.

The M26 grenade is in many ways an upgrade of the MK2. Similar in shape, but missing the ribbing of the fragmentation grenade. This is the Deep Fire M26 Gas Grenade which realistically replicates the real-deal, although not as deadly as the real one obviously. However, it is certainly designed with maximum fun in mind. Simply fill it with gas from the fill-valve in the bottom of the grenade, fill it with BBs and you're ready to rock! Pull the pin out, and throw it towards a target of your choice and a few seconds later - Bang! As all the BBs are ejected out with a nice bang.

The Deep Fire grenade is easy to maintain, and can be disassembled quickly and easily. We've had the chance tp test it and are confident that this is one quality product that is enjoyable to use. The shell is made from durable ABS plastic, that takes the knocks it takes with ease. Extra shells are available in both M26 and MK2 style. Fill with BBs or baby powder, or both for maximum effect!

Airsoft Deep Fire M26A1 Grenade

 AirsoftDeep Fire M26A1 Grenade
Locate the target, pull the pin, throw the grenade, and take cover…the basic steps to throwing a grenade. There’s only one problem…this is airsoft, not real life. The solution: make grenades…but for airsoft, and that’s exactly what the guys over at Deep Fire did. Why review the Deep Fire airsoft grenades and not some of the other brands out there? Two main reasons: one, Deep Fire airsoft grenades are reusable which means that you don’t have to buy another supply of grenade shells, which really is a big attraction to me. Two, this particular Deep Fire beauty was supplied, once again, to us, free, from AirSplat ( Before the review, how about a short history lesson on the M26 and the M26A1.

“The M26A1 Grenade series is in many ways an upgrade in basic principle of the Mk II, a similarly shaped, but not visibly ribbed, fragmentation grenade. The M26A1 Grenade has a filling of Composition B contained within a sheet steel, two part outer shell which covers a pre-notched fragmentation coil inner liner. The use of the inner liner creates a highly predictable fragment pattern and causality radius. The grenade was found to have problems with complete detonation of the filler, and the M26A1 featured a tetryl booster to ensure complete detonation.” (Wikipedia)

Features of Airsoft Deep Fire M26A1 Grenade :

Included in the packaging/box are the grenade’s upper and lower body, six shells (three green; three orange), the handle, the safety pin, and instructions/manual.

Look of Airsoft Deep Fire M26A1 Grenade :

What’s there to say? It looks like the real M26A1 Grenade. I’m impressed with how accurate Deep Fire was able to make this airsoft grenade look like the real thing.
Deep Fire Airsoft M26A1 Airsoft Grenade

Feel of Airsoft Deep Fire M26A1 Grenade :

I’m not sure if it is 100% to scale of the real M26A1 Grenade, but it fits comfortable in my hand. The only thing that is a little uncomfortable is that since it is an airsoft grenade, the outer shells (three in all) are plastic. So if you grip it too hard, sometimes the shells bend. Now you may be wondering, “How and why would you grip it too hard?” Good question. The best way I can describe it is that sometimes, while you are being shot at, you forget to handle it like you would a lady’s hand (input sarcasm). But overall, the feel isn’t bad at all.

Performance of Airsoft Deep Fire M26A1 Grenade :

The single most important part of this airsoft grenade is its performance. First, let me give you the steps for using the grenade. One, pull the upper body of the airsoft grenade up. Two, insert two shells. Note: if you look on the inside of the shells, you will notice that it has a number and the letters “DF.” It doesn’t matter what numeric order you have they in, but make sure to have the “DF” letters facing downward. Three, fill the inner chamber with BBs. I would say no more then fifty BBs should be inserted, but it’s the user’s choice. Four, insert last shell and close the grenade. You will want to make sure the cylinder is completely closed or the gas will escape before you can use the airsoft grenade. Five, insert 134a gas into the reservoir for five-seven seconds. Make sure when you add the gas to have the airsoft grenade at the same degree that the gas canister is at. If not, the gas will not enter the airsoft grenade. And finally, six, pull the pin and throw at target. There is a decent “pop” sound that goes off which adds to the realism. Also, the average radius for my Deep Fire M26A1 was about one-three feet. What happens is that while in the air, the gas releases from the reservoir, which creates that “pop” sound. It also allows the shells to break free from the main body of the airsoft grenade when it hits the ground.

I would’ve liked the radius to have been a bit bigger, but you got to understand people, this isn’t like a real M26A1 which has a blast radius of 50 feet (15 meters). The average range for the airsoft M26A1 is about one-five feet, depending on how much gas you put in, how many BBs you used, the temperature outside, etc. Also, these grenades really only work in warm weather. When exposed to cold temperatures, the effects are greatly minimized. So as long as you throw the airsoft grenade right, you should be able to take out you intended targets.

As you will notice in the photos, there is no safety pin. I know. I “misplaced” it when putting the grenade away one day, and I have to get a new one. So the solution I came up with is that when you want to use it, don’t put the carrying handle on. Leave it off. When inserting the gas, just place your thumb on top of the silver circular thing on top of the grenade to hold down the gas from going off. It’s a simple fix, but note: you should only do this for practicing throwing the grenade because in an airsoft event, you probably won’t have the time to get the grenade out, fill it with gas, and then throw it.
Deep Fire Airsoft M26A1 Airsoft Grenade

Pros of Airsoft Deep Fire M26A1 Grenade :

What I liked about the airsoft M26A1 Grenade was that its look is accurate to the real thing, it’s made very well and the internal working parts are protected, the performance considering that it is an airsoft grenade, it being reusable, the extra orange shells (better to use if you are in a heavy wooded area), etc. What I really liked about the airsoft M26A1 is its price. For $59.99 USD at most stores, it’s a pretty fair price. Some of you may be going, “That price for a grenade?!” Well you have to look at it in the long run. Think of all the money and extra costs in shipping you would have to use to buy new shells for other types of airsoft grenades. All you have to do is buy 134a gas for this type which will run you about $6.00-$12.00 USD. Also, one can will last you at least a few months, if not more. The last great feature is that not only can you fill it with BBs, but also with baby powder! It’s a great way to keep things fun and interesting, not to mention it will show you who you got.

Cons of Airsoft Deep Fire M26A1 Grenade :

I do have some cons about the M26A1 Grenade. Like I said, I would’ve liked the blast radius to have been a little larger because if someone just happens to see the airsoft grenade coming at them, most likely they will get up and run away (again…input sarcasm). Also, it seemed like the time it took for the gas to expand and reach the level where the “pop” sound sounded was a little short, but it could’ve been me or how I handled/loaded the airsoft grenade. I tried multiple tests, but each time it was the same result.

Conclusion of Airsoft Deep Fire M26A1 Grenade :

With all that said, what you have to realize is that it is an airsoft grenade. Real grenades aren’t reusable. I know it sounds funny, but it is true. Real ones explode, and there is nothing left. With this reusable airsoft grenade, all the parts have to be able to used again so obviously the effects are going to be quite less then a real one. So overall, I’m extremely happy with the Deep Fire M26A1. It functions properly every time, and it’s a great “intimidator” to most of your opponents. I HIGHLY suggest getting one of these if you always wanted an airsoft grenade. Deep Fire, as many of you know, is known for their quality and craftsmanship of their products, and it shows with their M26A1 airsoft grenade. I would like to thank AirSplat for once again supplying us with a great product to review.
Deep Fire Airsoft M26A1 Airsoft Grenade

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AirSplat 320ml HFC 22 Airsoft Green Gas

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Deep Fire M26 Airsoft Grenades Shell OD

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Deep Fire MK-II Airsoft Grenades Shell

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Deep Fire M26 Airsoft Grenade Shell Oran

Deep Fire M26 Airsoft Grenade Shell Oran

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