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Boyi Dboys M4 SD Airsoft Gun AEG Metal

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Guns Styles / Models:
M4 Airsoft Rifle Standard (12-13 Barrel)
Airsoft Manufacturers:
Boyi Dboys
Stock: Yes & Ships w/in 24Hrs*
Model: M4 CQB Airsoft Gun AEG
Written Review  - Click on Picture of Airsoft Gun to Read Review Accuracy Proven - Click on Picture of Airsoft Gun for Target

Boyi D-Boys M4 SD Airsoft Gun AEG Metal
- Velocity: 400 FPS (0.2 g BB) / Range 150-170 Feet
- Barrel Length: 12.5 inches / 30 cm
- Magazine Capacity: 300 Rounds
- Metal Gearbox
- Metal Construction
- Battery and Charger Included (Small)
- Airsoft Gun Review & Airsoft Upgrade Video Available - Click More Info
- Made in China

Please visit our Airsoft Maintenance page for information and videos.

The Boyi D-Boys M4 SD features a free floating quad rail. The gun includes a silencer that is threaded onto the barrel which actually begins within the rail. It features a crane stock for the battery, and also an LMT Style tactical rear sight.

This airsoft gun is not to be misrepresented as a real firearm or gun that is manufactured by Colt and is merely an airsoft gun that fires 6mm pellets. The manufacturer of this airsoft gun is Boyi/DBoys.

DBoys Full Metal M4 SD

DBoys released their new line of full metal M-Series variants this summer and I am lucky enough to be the first M4 SD owner on these forums. This is my second AEG, as a matter of fact I sold my Echo1 M4A1 just to pick one of these up. Before starting up this review, I want to give a big thanks to for answering and helping me with all my questions prior to ordering this gun from them, they're a superb retailer and I recommend Pointact to anyone out there! I pre-ordered the gun on July 3rd, and the ETA on it was July 12th, Pointact shipped it out to me on July 11th and the rifle was at my door on July 13th. After doing about a month's worth of re-search on this particular rifle I decided to buy it. The total for the M4 SD and an Intellect 9.6volt 2000mah battery was $178.84, The gun by itself is only $139.00+ shipping. Now that's a bargain!!!

Included Accessories:
Vertical Grip
Rear Sight
One point tactical sling
Covers for R.I.S. rails
Screw driver & Allen wrench
Small bag of BB's

Built and Feel:

This gun's externals are amazing! I've held CA, G&G, ICS, and G&P AEGs and all I can say is wow, this rifle feels more like a G&P, amazing feel to the touch. This gun is about 85% metal. The metal parts are: the socom mock suppressor, the freefloat RAS, delta ring, outer barrel, upper and lower reciever, magazine catch, bolt catch, forward assist knob, dust cover, trigger guard, trigger, fire selector switch, charging handle, rear sight, rear sling mount, and the stock tube. The crane stock, pistol grip, rail panels, and the vertical grip are all made of high quality Fiber reinfored polymer, like G&P plastic. The gun is pretty heavy for it's size, I'm guessing 8.5 lbs fully loaded, but I'll confirm that. The gun comes with a misaligned RAS, but you can align it. Also the upper reciever wobbles a tiny bit, but you can only feel it when your actually looking for that wobble, plus who's going too worry about a tiny wobble when you're getting shot at. Those are the only cosmetic bugs the gun has, everything else is top notch. Overall this is a very solid gun, yet comfortable to shoulder and nice to carry around.

Even though it's a pretty compact rifle, it has tons of features packed into a small frame. The gun has a Socom style mock suppressor, freefloat RAS, full metal upper and lower recievers, rear sight, crane stock, pistol grip with a heat sink motor cover for better ventilation, 2 rail panels, and a vertical grip. Now for internals, I will not be opening up my gun's gearbox since there is no point, and even though I am pretty experienced with internals, something can always go wrong. However I have seen this gun's internals elsewhere, and I have opened up and worked on a DBoys 7mm gearbox before, so I'm pretty familiar with what's inside this little sucker. The gun has a metal hop-up with a 300mm brass inner barrel that runs all the way up to the tip of the mock suppressor. The gun's gearbox is a 7mm reinforced gearbox, it has a type 0 cylinder which is meant for M16s but DBoys still put it in, a white or black polycarbonate piston head, black polycarbonate piston with 1 steel tooth, black polycarbonate cylinder head, transparent black air nozzle, black tappet plate, what looks to be an M100 spring, black plastic spring guide with a metal base with built in threads for stock screw, XYT gears, nylon 7mm bushings, black selector plate, and black switch assembly with what looks like 18AWG wiring, the motor can pull up to a PDI 190% or M130. The metal body strips down via slide like CA and G&P bodies, the upper reciever does not have tabs. The crane stock does not fit sub-c cells, biggest battery pack that would fit in there is a 9.6volt 2200 mah crane stock battery. Stock has 6 positions, and has minor wobble just like all M4s. This gun packs a punch with all its nifty features, some of these features are only available in high-end AEGs. I compared the crane stock with a Classic Army crane stock, and the CA crane stock is slightly fatter, I am going to see if a Sub-C battery fits.

The Vertical grip feels very sturdy compared to a LPEG one. I don't have a KA or other high end one to compare it with, but it's sturdy and made out of Dboys nylon. Off track a little, but I have a G&G m series pistol grip and I got it and the Dboys confused. The way I finally realized which one was which, is that the G&G has metal casing where the screws screw into. Dboys nylon is really great. The rear sight is full metal, but as there is no front sight in the SD model you should have scope or RDS to put on it. The Battery is a Dboys NI-MH 1100mah. It comes in clear plastic with the cells being white with red and black lettering. Looks nicer than most clone batteries, but performance is about the same. As always I recommend using a Intellect or the like. The one point sling feels about the quality of a UTG one. Not a lot of worries about it breaking when in use. The covers for the RIS rails are nice also. They seem to be improved from older versions, as they don't slide around on the rails at all. They actually are very hard to get on/off the first time. The magazine is metal and fits nicely into the gun. The metal body is an improvement over older versions as well. More on that in the externals section. The screwdriver and the allen wrench are a nice touch also. The screwdriver feels cheaply made, but the allen wrench is metal and useful for removing the pins in the body.

Here is a short comparison to JG internals.
I think that the piston, piston head, cylinder, and cylinder head are nicer than JG's. I haven't run any of these parts under tons of pressure for long amounts of time so this might be slightly flawed. The spring guide is worse as my JG came with a full metal one. The Dboys has 7mm bushings while the JG has 6mm. 7mm are better if you want bearing bushings. My JG and Dboys both came with plastic bushings, but I think the new JG's come with metal bushings so that's one thing that's better for JG. The Dboys gearboxes are reinforced, but the JG ones have a better look to them. By that I mean that the metal on the JG ones looks less like pot metal. In the pictures above the gearbox looks like crappy metal. It might not be, but that's what it looks like. On a better note you don't hear about Dboys boxes breaking right and left though. For the motors the JG one is nicer. It gives a better ROF (in the same gun) than the Dboys one. Noticeably to the ear better. Neither are great, but it's better. Gears are the same. If I remember correctly (I might be wrong on this one-please correct me if I am) the JG one has XYT gears which is also what the Dboys has.

Performance Report:
This gun really shines in the performance section as well as it does in the looks departament. I got to use it sunday at my training, 2 days after recieving it. The gun is pretty quiet, it has motor whine, but it sounds more like a high end AEG instead of a really high pitched AEG. The ROF is very nice as well, using the 8.4volt 1100mah battery it sounds faster than my Echo1 M4A1. The M4 SD sounds like it shoots about 18 RPS. Exact FPS is unknown as of now, but there are reports from the ACM forums that they shoot about 320-330 stock. The gun pierces through both sides of a Coke can. This gun gets 130ft effective range, and 150 maximum range. The hop-up is very responsive, the wheel is very smooth, and even though it moves super freely, it doesn't move out of place. At 120ft. I can hit a tree about 1ft. wide 9 times out of 10 with one shot sailing away in the wind. Short bursts at this distance make this gun super lethal. This gun performs way better than I thought it would!!! If you get it, get a red dot sight with it, my Aimpoint is zeroed dead on for 120ft.+ and it's perfect!

Out of the box the guns shoot about 340 (poor man crono-it made a bb-sized hole in the bottom of the can but didn't go through). I changed the o-ring on the piston head (#14 o-ring at home depot) and the fps is now around 360-380fps. It shoots through the middle of the bottom of a can, and the bb actually sticks in the side of the bottom of a can.

The accuracy of the gun is not very good but with the Systema rubber it improved a lot. I was going to get a tight-bore, but the rubber improved it enough I'm not going to anymore.

This is the coke can chrono after the new o-ring. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of before the new o-ring. The holes looked about the same before and after the o-ring change, but after they went through the bottom. Before I changed it they made a hole but didn't go through.

Pros & Cons:

-Full Metal
-Crane stock can hold good sized batteries
-Plastics used on this gun are high quality polymer type plastics
-7mm reinforced gearbox
-Freefloat RAS
-Comes with socom mock suppressor
-Pretty quiet
-Dead-on accuracy
-Long range in a small frame
-Comes with tons of nice accessories
-Only costs $140.00!!!!

-Misaligned RAS
-Upper reciever wobbles a tiny bit
-Loose rail panels
-No fake bolt
-Flip-up front sight not included

The gun has some flaws, every gun does, but they can be fixed! There were 2 reports that the lower recievers cracked right behind the rear reciever pin, the first thing you should do is loosen the rear reciever pin and just screw it loosely, do NOT tighten it!!! If you over tighten the rear reciever pin, it will cause the lower reciever to bend, leading it to crack.

Here's how to align the free float RAS:

Step #1

Unscrew the mock suppressor clockwise, to the left.

Step #2

Grasp the freefloat RAS by the Rails and unscrew it with a good amount of force counter-clockwise, to the right, once loosened, the whole RAS unit should be able to fully unscrew off the upper reciever.

Step #3

There are 2 little washers acting as spacers, remove 1 and replace it with a rubber O-ring.

Step #4

Screw the RAS unit back on. Screw it on clockwise, to the left. Finish it off aligning the RAS with the upper reciever.

Also the rail panels are loose on the rails and will sometimes slip off, 3 layers of electric tape on the panels will fix that.

Problems fixed!!!

This gun is worth every penny. Wether you're a beginner coming into the sport, or a veteran that's been around and know his stuff, this gun is a must have! DBoys will definatly revolutionize ACMs with this one. I think of it like the G&P of MPEGs, definatly the king of ACMs out there. The externals on this gun blows TM out the waters, and I don't care if TM is more reliable, you can get this one to shoot better and still be under the TM price! If you don't like it because it has some flaws, then too bad!!! It's only $140.00 and for someone to be complaining about it, then they have a problem. This is a must get I'm telling you guys!!! Don't miss out!!!

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