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Epik Panda PVC MEME Morale Patch


Real Sword SVD Airsoft Sniper AEG Rifle

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Trinity Force 4 Reticle R/G Dot Sight

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AirSplat Custom Gun 1
AirSplat Custom Logo 1
JG G36K 0838 G608-3 Airsoft AEG Rifle 1   More Info
Echo1 MAX HighSpeed Gear Set 16:1 1   More Info
MODIFY M4 7MM Steel Bushings Set of 6 1   More Info
Dogmale SP110 Airsoft AEG Upgrade Spring 1   More Info
Deans Ultra Plug Connectors Set 1   More Info
JG GB G36 AEG Electric Airsoft Magazine 1
AirSplat Master Series Valkyrie G36 Airsoft AEG Rifle
- Velocity: 340 FPS (0.2 g BB) / Range 130-140 Feet
- Barrel Length: 16 inches / 40 cm
- Magazine Capacity: 470 Rounds
- Folding Stock
- Integrated Sights
- Lipo Battery Included
- G36c Front end Conversion
- Integrated Scope
- V.3 7mm Gearbox
- Echo1 Super Hispeed Gears
- Regreased/ Reshimmed
- Modify 7mm brarings
- Polished Ported Cylinder
- M110 Spring
- Wired to Deans
- Madbull Piston (Shortstroked 2 teeth/AOE corrected)
- Intellect 1600 Battery Lipo wired to deans included
- 2 HiCap Mags included

Please visit our Airsoft Maintenance page for information and videos.

Meet the Valkyrie. Externally we started with the impressive JG G36K with the integrated 2x sight, and converted the front end and barrel to a G36C. this allows for an indoor cqb to mid range play style. We then installed Echo 1 super high speed Gearset, and a Shortstroked Madbull Piston. Our Master tech then adjusted the AOE and then reshimmed and regreased the gears for perfect play. He then installed 7mm bushings, a polished ported cylinder, and an M110 Spring to allow for super smooth and super reliable action over hundreds of thousands of rounds. To up the ante we Wired it to Deans and included a 11.1 1600 mah lipo battery. The trigger response is near instant. The rate of fire clocks in at around 24 bb's per second on a full charge. In order to keep up with the bb spitting madness we included 2 Hi-Cap magazines to keep you in the game. For all the parts and tech work, this gun would retail for over $330. We're selling it to you for $250, just the cost of the parts themselves. The valkyrie is your flaming sword of justice out on the field. Unleash her.

For Professionals, Built by professionals. With our Master Series Airsoft guns, we opened up our inventory to our technicians and gave them one rule: build the best gun you can. This series showcases the peak of their skills and abilities, Each of our techs has years in modding and building aegs, as well as being avid players, so they know what players like. Internally, these are fine tuned to each build's needs and specifications using parts from different manufacturers. Only one of each model will be built, no one else will have the same exact parts.

Due to the nature of these guns being highly tweaked and modified, these models are for experienced players only.

This airsoft gun is not to be misrepresented as a real firearm or gun that is manufactured by Colt and is merely an airsoft gun that fires 6mm pellets. The manufacturer of this airsoft gun is JG.

Please note that these custom Airsoft products are sold as is and all sales are final. Due to the unique nature of AirSplat Custom Guns, parts and accessories used may very by availability.
All custom guns are built to order. Lead time may vary.

Return for repair/replacement:30 Day(s)
More Information About The Best Airsoft Return Policy
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